5 Big Wardrobe Mistakes You Could Be Making

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1. Don't check out early
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It’s common practice to take a half day right before vacation, but it’s also unfortunately common practice to check out early with your wardrobe. Wearing casual attire in a formal setting or even donning sweats and a hoodie is never advisable, even on half-days. Even if your office is on the casual side of things, stick to normal daily attire to keep your boss from thinking you’re on vacation before you’ve even left.

We’ve all heard the saying that clothes make the man. In the professional world, one big wardrobe mistake can last the lifetime of your career. The impression that wardrobe mistakes leave on co-workers and managers may not be the most positive or the one you want.

Avoid making these big four wardrobe mistakes in order to leave co-workers and managers with the best impression.




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