5 Blunt Things to Tell Yourself to Overcome a Bad Day

Nothing is perfect and we all have bad days every now and then. If you say you don’t, you’re lying. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you live in a perfect world. Our bad days can start from the moment we roll out of our oh-so comfortable bed in the morning and escalate to terrible as we progress throughout the dreaded day. Say you woke up late, and cranky, and you didn’t have time for a balanced breakfast. That was your first mistake. Don’t you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? You ran into traffic on the way to work, which made you late. Some people should never be allowed to drive. Ever! Raise your hand if you agree. Then, you were scolded by your boss, who clearly needs to get laid to relieve some stress, and you were embarrassed in front of your colleagues because of your tardiness. There are so many things you wanted to say to your boss but seeing as you don’t want to be unemployed, you kept your mouth shut. You then decided to let go of your horrid morning and focus on looking forward to your lunch. Lunch was supposed to make you feel better because food provides the best comfort. But then you remembered that you forgot to pack lunch so you were stuck with a bag of plain potato chips from the vending machine. A new all-time low for you. While you were sadly munching on your bag of chips, your mind went blank. You were wondering what to do. You didn’t even know what to think of the way your day was going. You were completely speechless, which doesn’t happen regularly. After a while, you ask yourself why? Why are you having such a horrific day?

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Different people handle the stress of a bad day in various ways. Some people turn it into aggression. They scream, shout, verbally abuse their peers, and slam things. Basically, they act like an uncontrollable infant. Some people are a little better at digesting the horrible attributes that create a bad day. They shake it off, keep smiling, and push forward. As you can guess, the latter is the best way to handle stressful, irritating days. People who handle stress in this manner are mature adults who know how to carry themselves in public. There is no point in getting angry and upset over things that are temporary and that are essentially your fault to begin with. Don’t deny it. People that don’t lash out every time they have an awful day, understand that actions have consequences and accept that. It is the only logical way of thinking. Even if your bad day was out of your control, that is even more of a reason to stay positive and to let it go. You couldn’t have done anything to change the outcome, so why fret? Things happen. That’s life.

There are always going to be things you should and shouldn’t do when dealing with a bad day. But what about the things you tell yourself that directly relate to the way you act? Those thoughts are important. The conversation you have in your head with yourself will greatly impact the outcome of the rest of your day. Here are five things to tell yourself in order to overcome a bad day.

1. Life May Hate me Today But Maybe She Won’t Be Such a Bitch Tomorrow

If life was a person, it would be the two faced friend that likes you one minute then kicks you when you’re down the next. Sometimes life wants to grant you a joyous day and sometimes it wants to bend you over and spank you until you are numb. When life is having one of its woke-up-on-the-bad-side of the bed moments always remember that there will be a new day tomorrow. No matter how bad the present is, you will always have a chance to see a better, brighter day (At least I hope so). You have a chance to start over with a fresh, clean slate and you essentially get a do over.  Remind yourself that this is only one day out of many to come and things can’t get worse. But you should pray about it or cross your fingers, just in case.

2. Why Am I Being Such a Drama Queen?

Did you notice that? The world is still moving and everyone is still going on with their lives. Weird huh? No, not at all. The world didn’t end and you will live another day. Just because you are having an unfortunate day doesn’t mean that your life is over. If that was the case for everyone, the world’s population count would be a lot lower. Mistakes happen and sometimes the consequences of those mistakes are not so great. But we are human. We royally mess up the majority of the time. People run into their garage doors, forget their kids at school, piss their pants, and run into glass doors all the time. You are allowed to be emotional, but there is no reason to be so dramatic. Laugh about it instead because -I’m sure- other people are. When you are having a bad day, tell yourself the world hasn’t stopped spinning and there is still a chance for your day to improve.

3. My Day is Definitely Not as Bad as When *Insert Friend’s Ridiculously Embarrassing Story

Do you ever think about someone other than yourself? Seriously! It’s not all about you, in case you haven’t noticed. There is someone else who’s having a worse day than you are. Do you remember the other day when your friend accidently walked outside naked because her apartment building’s fire alarm went off? How does that even happen? Or how about yesterday when your boyfriend had major gas and couldn’t control his farts during a business meeting? -Can you say awkward?- I think those things are largely more important than your small problems. Your bad day seems pretty low on the totem pole compared to those people. In the grand scheme of things, your day is going pretty well. Don’t you think?

4. Take Deep Breaths Like You’re Pregnant

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When you become stressed, as a side-effect of an awful day, just tell yourself to breath. Deep breathing has been proven to reduce stress. Deep breathing relieves stress and anxiety because of its physiological effect on the nervous system. Slow and deep breathing activates the hypothalamus, which is connected to the pituitary gland in the brain, to send out neurohormones that hinder stress-producing hormones and engage a relaxation response in the body. You can’t deny that deep breathing is powerful. If you don’t let your body do its thing, then things are going to get really ugly. Pretend like you’re a six month pregnant woman and just huff and puff. Be Buddha on the mountain and everything will be okay.

5. Forget It

When in doubt, just tell yourself to forget it. Forget about the looks of your coworkers. Forget about your boss yelling at you. Forget about being late for work because of traffic. Dance and sing in your car instead. Pretend like everything that is irritating you didn’t actually happen. Shrug your shoulders and move on. When you forget about it, you don’t stress about it. It’s a win-win. Tell yourself to forget and all of your problems will go away. It will keep your mind clear.

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Your mind controls everything that you do. It controls what you say and what you do. By telling yourself these five things, you are altering your bad day. You are channelling positive energy instead of negative vibes. You are giving yourself reasons as why things are not as bad as they seem. You are also reassuring yourself that you are just having a moment and that there is plenty more of life to enjoy. Recite these five things to yourself and you will overcome a bad day.

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