5 Breakrooms That Will Make You Jealous

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1. Skype HQ, CA
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Skype is an increasingly popular online call and video tool that companies around the world are using--so obviously, they need a pretty large number of employees. But how can you make employees happy to work long hours? By giving them an awesome place to play on breaks.

The breakroom is one of the most important features of a company’s culture. Inspiring and fun, breakrooms for creative companies often take the cake over some living rooms and entertainment rooms at home.

Studies have shown that the breakroom can be a key factor in boosting company morale and productivity; if an employee feels like they can walk down the hall and enjoy a lunch break, games including, they’re more likely to turn up for work and be productive--meaning less sick days and fewer missed deadlines.

Check out these breakrooms and prepare for jealousy.




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