5 Burnout Warning Signs and What to Do About Them

Have you started to hate your work, feel annoyed, angry, disillusioned? These could all be indications of burnout . Prevent it with these simple solutions.

Working hard may be second nature to you and the truth is that it’s second nature to anyone who want to see themselves advance professionally. But, hard work comes with its fair share of trouble. Often we work so hard that we damage our work life balance, suffer from burnout, and become depressed.

A burnout can be both mental and physical and it goes without saying that if you can you should prevent it at all costs. Of course, if you didn’t manage to catch your burnout in time and you are depressed make sure that you make an appointment with a specialist as soon as possible.

But, as we are always here to help you with all your professional needs here are five burnout warning signs you should look out for and what you should do about them.

1. You Hate Coming to Work

dragged at the door

It’s no lie that most of us would rather do anything but come to work in the morning. But, there is a difference between not wanting to go to work and hating your job. If you’ve caught yourself wishing for terrible accidents to happen that will prevent you from showing your face at work the following day, it may be a sign that you’re heading for a burnout.

What to do about it: Make sure that you sit down and do some thinking and figure out what it is that makes you hate your job. If the problem is that you have too many responsibilities try to see if you can delegate. If it is that you’re not pleased with the kind of work you do, decide what work would make you happy and see if you can get into that industry. Life’s too short to be miserable.

2. Your Colleagues Annoy the Hell Out of You

Admittedly, colleagues can be annoying from time to time. In fact, many of them might be annoying most of the time, but if you are finding the situation too hard to handle and you’re getting snappier and snappier it might be a sign that you’re suffering from burnout.

What to do about it: The problem could be that you’re spending too much time in the office so try and see if you can cut your hours a bit, especially if you’ve been working long hours lately. Also, a vacation might be a great idea.

3. You’re Exhausted

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If you’re exhausted both mentally and emotionally, take great care because this is a classic symptom of burnout. If you feel like you need to sleep longer than usual and completely depleted of energy, you need to take matters into your own hands.

What to do about it: Sometimes all you need to relax your mind and body is some exercise. Yoga or mediation could help bring back some balance to your life, so make sure that you find something that suits your tastes.

4. You’re Disillusioned About Your Business

If you suffer from burnout, it could potentially harm your business as well as yourself, so you need to make sure that you take the necessary steps to prevent one. One of the most common warning symptoms for entrepreneurs is that they start feeling pessimistic about their business. As an entrepreneur, you need to be an optimist because that’s how you’ll be able to take risks and push your business forward.

What you can do about it: You need to find your inspiration again and to do that you need to start dealing with the most creative aspects of your business, or whatever it is that is appealing to you about your business. Take stock of the positive steps your business has taken and this will help you regain momentum.

5. You Feel Alienated

Sad and depressed woman.

Sure we all have our off days, but if you’ve been feeling out of place for a while now, it may mean that you’re heading for a burnout. Feeling detached from your family, business, colleagues and work could all be signs that you need to pay attention to.

What you can do about it: Sometimes all you need is some time for yourself. Take a trip on your own and decide what it is that’s making you unhappy. Identifying the root of the problem can also help you identify the solution.

Have you ever experienced burnout? How did you overcome it? Share your stories with us in the comment section below.