5 Career-Destroying Mistakes You Are Making at Work


It must be so easy to go to work every day and just do your job. What’s difficult is to keep track of your career progression when you feel you have everything settled at your current job. Even if you are satisfied and perfectly happy with your existing role, that’s not an excuse of being uninterested in your professional development.

Especially since today’s job market is highly competitive, you need to invest in developing your skills in any way possible to make it easier for yourself to progress. This applies to you even if you already have a job; you should make sure you are getting the most out of your current role to help yourself move forward.

Check out if you are making the following mistakes that could seriously affect the way you see your career trajectory:

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#1 You don’t keep track of your accomplishments

If you don’t make the effort to keep track of your accomplishments at your current job, you won’t get near your next career advancement anytime soon. Whether you are after a promotion or getting a new job, a portfolio or a log of achievements can actually help you to progress by informing potential employers about what you can do. This is also the reason why it is advisable to always keep your CV up to date.

#2 You don’t nurture relationships

Building and nurturing relationships is fundamental to professional development. Since networking has become so vital in terms of finding a job nowadays, it is a huge mistake to not practice your networking skills while at work. If people don’t know you, they can’t recommend you, something that can ultimately hurt your career prospects.

#3 You ignore opportunities for development

If you are just prone to doing your job, it’s highly likely that you are passing over opportunities for career development. This is actually an excellent example which confirms that you have let your current job get the best out of you. Instead of just being a dedicated employee, ensure that you are also an effective industry insider who knows all about his subject and is familiar with industry trends. Read articles, connect with key professionals and industry leaders to minimise the risk of passing over future opportunities that may be of interest to you.

#4 You are still working after work

Your current job is consuming you up to the point where you feel you have to work more hours in order to be successful. Even though your boss should award you for such dedication, he doesn’t, and you are just torturing yourself with additional work during the evenings or weekends. The important thing to remember here is that professionalism requires healthy boundaries. If you are making yourself available day and night, you are not allowing yourself to reflect on the direction of your career as a whole.

#5 You regard the company as your career

If you have been working for the same employer for some years now, it’s only natural that your career involves around working for that particular company. Even though this shows that you care about the company, the problem is that you don’t allow yourself to explore alternative career paths within your field and determine which just might be the best option for you. Depending on which stage you are in in life, your needs are different and so your job requirements will be different.

Remember that your career development is an ongoing process that’s determined by the decisions you make along the way, as well as your approach to new opportunities. Whatever you do, you shouldn’t let these five mistakes hurt your career and hinder your way to realising your career goals!

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