5 Career Myths You Need to Stop Believing

We all want to succeed in our careers, that’s why we work after all –that and paying our bills of course- and so we all strive to do our best in our respective work environments. In our effort to do our best at work we often take to heart career myths that may seem to make sense at times but the reality is that they only make sense because they stem from our fear of taking risks and putting ourselves out there. That’s why it’s wise to stop believing in career myths and what other people tell you that you can or cannot do and start seizing every career opportunity that presents itself to you.

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These are just some of the myths that we tell ourselves that hold us back from achieving true professional happiness.

1. There’s Only One Career Path

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I’m certain that you –like most people- were called to make career decisions at a very young age -straight out of school to be precise- and while some people never regret those career choices, other people find themselves trapped in a job they hate. You would think that these people would realize that they merely have to chance the career paths they are on to be happy but the reality is that we are so often told that every step we take affects our careers that it’s not always easy to abandon everything and start anew.

But that’s not true. Success comes to people who are inspired by their jobs and who are so passionate that they want to take risks and be innovative. Switch careers and find what you truly love to ensure professional happiness.

2. Your Career Should Be Your Number One Priority

There’s a misconception amongst people that in order to be successful you need to devote every second of your waking hours to your work, but the reality is that you don’t have to stop doing or thinking about anything else in order to achieve career success. The key is to find balance, work should be amongst your priorities, but your personal life shouldn’t take the back seat till you make it big in your industry.

3. It’s All About How Much You Make

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There isn’t a single person amongst us who wouldn’t like to make more than what they currently do but that doesn’t mean that success is about getting the biggest paycheck. If you work for a smaller firm you may not get as much but you might be in a position to make more decisions than a person who works in a bigger firm so, it’s important to separate the two concepts –success and money- and decide what matters most to you. If it’s money, you’re after, maybe you should be looking for a new job, but if it’s success you’ll want to find ways to impress your boss and climb higher on the corporate ladder.

4. Juggling Many Projects Ensures Recognition

You may believe that the more you take on the more chances you’ll have of proving to your boss what you’re capable of, but the reality is that the more you take on the less chances you’ll have in successfully dealing with all of your work. Our brain works better when we concentrate on one task at a time and this can help us yield better results so if you want to get your boss to notice you don’t kill yourself with taking on as many projects as possible, simply work hard to prove to them that you can produce impressive results.

5. It Will Never Feel Like You’re Working If You Love Your Job

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We all like to think that if we get a job in something we really love it will always be a breeze and we’ll never have to sweat a day, but the harsh reality is that work always feels like work. The only difference is that doing a work you love makes you feel inspired, whereas when doing something you hate you have to keep coming up with ways to motivate yourself just to get through the day. So, don’t be fooled in thinking that doing something you love won’t require hard work, be prepared that it will and you’ll work that much harder.

Not everyone manages to become successful in their careers but if you are prepared to work hard and you put your mind to it, we are certain that you can make it.




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