5 Career Opportunities For Bitcoin Enthusiasts, Students and Millennials

This week, bitcoin made business headlines for a few reasons: introduced bitcoin as a payment method for customers, the Bank of Russia concluded there’s a future for bitcoin and the Winklevoss bitcoin ETF will trade on NASDAQ under the ticker COIN.

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a payment system introduced as open source software in 2009. It allows individuals to send and receive money without the need of a financial institution or a central banking authority (no middlemen). Bitcoins can be mined, sold or traded and are currently valued at around $650.

The wave of the future might be in cryptocurrencies, particularly in the peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currency bitcoin. This means that between now and in the next few years, there could be a tremendous amount of employment opportunities for bitcoin enthusiasts, business majors and technology aficionados.

Bitcoin has become one of the biggest business headline makers this year. From its widespread adoption to its troubled exchanges, bitcoin has become just as prevalent as other stock market trades. Bitcoin experts regularly assert that the digital currency technology will become just as big as the Internet, while venture capitalists are hoping to strike gold with the next Apple, Microsoft or Facebook.

According to the bitcoin community, the virtual currency is here to stay, but the debate continues: will it grow into a major alternative currency, will it succeed as a revolutionary payment technology or will it just fade into nothingness? Whatever the case, there is currently room for many job opportunities, either at the forefront or behind the scenes.

What are some of the career opportunities that bitcoin offers to millennials today? Here are five job prospects that every bitcoin enthusiast, student and millennial should consider if they are out of work or want to change careers.

Publisher or Writer

From CoinDesk to CryptoCoinsNews, from NewsBTC to PFHub, there are many news publications and blogs out there that report on the latest news related to all things bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies. Although the number of publications is growing, there are still opportunities for growth.

Bitcoin investors want as much insight, analysis and news as possible, whether it’s positive or negative. This can be done by either launching a bitcoin publication and hiring writers or by applying as a writer and providing unique, in-depth examination to outlets that seek it. Or, if you’re a seasoned journalist, then you can submit freelance articles to mainstream media venues.

Web Development

A simple search on the Reddit’s Jobs4Bitcoins page will highlight what kinds of positions companies are offering. When it comes to bitcoin web design, there are plenty of offers relating to animation, website design, C++ development, graphic branding, SVG vector graphics, PLSQL and much, much more. Skills in these fields can lead to a lucrative career in bitcoins. If you’re experienced, educated and familiar with cryptocurrencies then these job offers will just pour in.


New bitcoin services need publicity, new bitcoin websites need eyeballs and new bitcoin products need notices. Enter: marketers. The peer-to-peer decentralized virtual currency is growing by the day and so is the number of entrepreneurs entering the cryptocurrency industry.

Maybe one bitcoiner is on the verge of producing a new world-changing service or is developing a state-of-the-art bitcoin ATM and an SEO specialist, marketing guru or a press release professional can get the media to notice and the investment offers to be made.


Although a company that is affiliated with bitcoin or accepts bitcoin payments is on the edge of technology, that doesn’t mean the rather mundane tasks aren’t needed to be completed. Whether it’s data entry, accounting or payroll, every company needs an administration professional. It’s likely that BitPay, Coinbase or BitStamp needs somebody to do the paper work and managing cloud operations so this is your opportunity to get your foot in the door.

Angel Investing

Even if you aren’t a Warren Buffet or a Marc Andreessen, there is still plenty of room for venture capitalists or angel investors. If you have the capital, the business expertise and the connections then investing in the next big bitcoin startup can lead to endless potential and big rewards.

Bitcoin supporters are some of the most avid proponents out there. Any dissent leads to the bitcoin brigade to contradict or refute incorrect or negative statements regarding the virtual currency. Bitcoiners are excited about what the next couple of years bring and what new paths the cryptocurrency will lead to. Why not hop on the bitcoin bandwagon for a new career?

Are you already working in the field of bitcoin? Let us know in the comment section.




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