5 Careers for Born Leaders

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Leadership is a complex concept; a delicate balancing act that requires you to engage people, produce results, push people to deliver more and ensure they are comfortable. You must also satisfy the demands and needs of people below and above you. There are thousands of articles and books on leadership, often drawing lessons from exemplary historical and current leaders. Often, they fail to mention that beyond all the tricks, successful leaders possess an inborn quality that words cannot explain. 

1. President


It takes a special kind of person to run for president; you must be smart, have a tough skill and an insane self-drive just to run for the job. After you get to the helm, leading a country is a high-pressure job with millions of people looking up to you to fix their problems. Look at President Obama; he had black hair as a senator, and now his head is a white mass. The job is not a joke even for those with the charm and wit to win over the world. Not everyone is cut out for the job; you must have inborn qualities to convince people to vote for you, lead a team and make decisions at the highest office. You must also be an independent individual who can make the tough decisions without allowing advisors who may want to protect the interests of a few. Courage is also critical especially in tough times or when representing your people in at an international level. Some of the inborn qualities presidential candidates possess include compassion, respect, humility, wisdom, courage, passion, proactivity, love and strong commitment to their pursuits. These qualities draw others to believe in them and help them in their rise to the top.

Career Specifics: Running for the highest office in the land requires that you serve in an elective position at a junior level for at least one full term. While there is no particular academic qualification to run for the presidency, you need a good understanding of politics and the law before and after getting into office.

2. Army General


An army general is the second most powerful individual in any country and is at the forefront when making decisions that directly affect the security of the people. The job demands a courageous and wise leader who commands respect within the army, as well as externally. The individual must also be patriotic and have the ability to separate personal and national interests when making decisions. Patriotism is also crucial as nobody wants an army general who sleeps with the enemy. Imagine working a job that requires you to give orders (including shooting to kill), listen, obey the president (often an individual with little or no military experience), and ensure that your people are safe at all times. Army generals rarely smile; it is an occupational hazard. They must always wear a stern face that reassures people that they take their security seriously.

Career Specifics: There is no shortcut to serving in the highest office in the disciplined forces. You must start as a rookie, earn your place in the army and rise through the ranks by demonstrating your leadership abilities. The rise to the top is tough; the process tests your mental, physical and psychological strength. You must also prove your loyalty to your country and your president repeatedly to earn the badge of a general.

3. Company Director

Individuals with inborn leadership skills are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency in their lives and improve their performance in their personal and professional lives. They are also looking to deliver the best in their employees and make those around them productive- making them suitable to sit at the helm of a company. Company directors’ work with people ensuring everyone works towards achieving the business’s goals. Company leaders do not just give orders; there is more to the job. It involves motivating employees, looking into their welfare, keeping stakeholders happy, ensuring the company makes profits and delivering value to employees. The position demands a high level of creativity, strong people skills, discipline and a drive to achieve more. Keeping a company afloat is like a game of chess, you must calculate every move you make if you intend on winning.

Career Specifics: Company directors require a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, management, economics or a related field for an entry-level position; however, employers prefer employing individuals with a graduate degree in business management. The job demands an all rounded person who can wear several hats without going crazy; it is an extremely rewarding job with insane demands.

4. Detectives and Investigators


High-level law enforcement is about more than James Bond stunts and Nancy Drew’s charm; it calls for inborn qualities that a few people possess. Detectives and investigators working at the highest level, face danger every day; they are always dealing with high-level criminals who have connections all over the world. They constantly rely on their strong instinct, courage and sound judgment to overcome danger and solve puzzles. While training plays a role in sharpening a detective’s skills, you can only get a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ from your mother; this is the quality that separates the rice from the shaft. Working as detectives and investigators, inborn leaders get to use their people skills such as empathy and listening; they take charge and give directions to others.

Career Specifics: Entry requirements for law enforcement officers vary. Some entry levels require a high school degree with opportunities to advance within the force. However, high-level jobs often demand a college degree with some positions requiring you to earn a master’s degree in a relevant field

5. Religion/ International Organizational Leaders (Al Qaida & Drug Cartels)


Putting the Pope in the same category as the Al Qaida or drug barons may seem far-fetched. However, looking closely, they share a lot as leaders. They all head organizations that have a strong presence all over the world with a lot of influence on political and economic decisions globally. Their organizations have a cult-like following, and own properties all over the world. Being at the helm of such an organization and making decisions that influence millions of people with different cultural and ethnical backgrounds takes a unique leadership talent. Such leaders have a presence that makes other people listen to them and share their ideas.

Career Specifics: There is not a set career path. To be at the helm of such organizations, you just need to be a member, learn the ropes and demonstrate your ability to influence and manage people from a small level and rise through the ranks. You must also prove your loyalty to the religion or organization.

Born leaders have a unique set of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. They understand their individual skills and easily apply their expertise and knowledge to help others deliver results. They thrive while working with others and often motivate those around them to become better.

If you have natural leadership qualities, you should consider one of the careers above. Or, if your passion lies elsewhere, find a position that allows you to utilize your gift.

Can you think of any other careers for those with strong leadership skills? Let us know in the comments section below.