5 Careers that are Perfect for Shy People

Every single person had different strength and weaknesses; it is our individual traits that make us unique. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, it is imperative to embrace your personality rather than change it to match your career. Many shy people feel that they are unable to fit into certain careers, however you can make a career choice based on your traits in order to make the most of them. Here are the top 5 careers suitable for shy people:

1. Graphic Designer

If you are a creative person who enjoys design, then graphic design may be your calling. This professional is perfect for shy people who need an artistic outlet. Whether you work for a firm, or do freelance work, graphic designing is a process where you have to work individually and not rely on the production of others. As a result, shy people feel confident in perform in this job. If you choose this line of profession, then you can be working on websites, brochures, magazines and other advertising/marketing products.

2. Bookkeeper

Individuals who prefer number to words are likely to enjoy a career as a bookkeeper. The primary role of a bookkeeper involves general accounting duties, including the maintenance of financial records, accounts and transactions. The key traits required to be a bookkeeper are being organized, careful and pay attention to detail, as this job role has a lot of responsibility within a firm.

3. Paralegal

If you wish to pursue a career in law without having to do the degree or spend the money, then a career is a paralegal would be best for you. The main role of a paralegal is to offer assistance to lawyers, such as research, filing and drafting reports. Their role is extremely important in the running of a law firm as lawyers do not have the time to dedicate to such duties.

4. Actuary

Business professionals who are specialists in calculating the financial impact of risk are called actuaries. To offer their expert opinion, actuaries have to spend hours doing research and market analysis for their clients. They have the responsibility of helping their clients make the best financial decision based on mathematics, statistics and research.

5. Researcher

Much like paralegals and actuaries, researchers have the main duty to do just that - research. Whether you are hired by a firm or you do it as freelance work, as a researcher you have to have the skills to go through content and pick out important information for your client. This profession doesn’t require a lot of communication with other people, which is what makes it a great choice for shy and introverted people.

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