5 Cloud-Based Solutions to Propose to Your Boss

Cloud computing is quickly becoming one of the most important technological developments available to businesses. It is crucial that you embrace it...

As a newcomer to the workforce, your job is to capitalize on the positives while minimizing the negatives.  Millennials have a certain technological advantage over their more established peers. Whereas older generations are learning about online and cloud technology, you were born into it, so use that knowledge to impress your boss and earn some respect in the office.

1. Take Accounting to the Cloud

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Accounting is a singularly important aspect of business. It ultimately leads to financial statements, which drive business decisions and consumer trust. Internally, up-to-the-minute accounts that are accessible by management allow for rapid adjustments that will maximize sales and increase efficiency. Cloud-based accounting software, like Sage One, will allow the company to share bookkeeping modules and financial reports quickly, positioning it for timely internal communications and accurate stakeholder reporting.

2. Make Security Digital

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Software as a service-shared platforms (SaaS) in the cloud can increase productivity while decreasing costs. Digital security is an area where insiders are predicting a boom in the SaaS market. Specifically, shared cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) software are expected to increase.

IAM programs allow only specific person(s) to access the information. These systems use various types of encryption to filter levels of access from senior management to vendors. Since these and other platforms are hosted by a vendor over a network, there is no internal computer server, and the price is much lower than self-hosted systems.

3. Create a Virtual Office

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Millennials are known for their quest for autonomy, and a company that can attract and retain the best talent from this new generation of workers will position itself for growth and keep itself relevant as its customer base evolves. To that end, millennials would be wise to suggest a virtual office to allow workers the ability to be productive from any location with Internet access.

An extra advantage to having a virtual office is that it protects against loss from natural disasters. Staff can be highly efficient from another state or even country, and if there is a local disaster, management simply needs to move away from the damage to resume production.

4. Develop an Inventory System

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Running a brick and mortar shop as if it were separate from the e-commerce business is a waste of time and money. Yet, many companies do it. Consolidate everything into an inventory management system that is cloud-based. There are several online inventory systems, and most are appropriately priced. Some will also marry your point-of-sales system to your inventory, making purchasing significantly easier and faster.

5. There's an App for Everything

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Move your company’s app development to the cloud. If it does not have any apps, then start creating them. Customer referrals, newsletters and coupons can all be managed with an app server. Your clients and vendors can also sign documents through your cloud app.

Cloud technology is creating a new market for businesses, and the millennial is its herald. Remember that your boss needs to learn the technology you played with as a child. This is a gift that you can offer a new employer, so use it to your advantage.

Have you managed to convince your employer to start using cloud technology? Did it have a positive or negative effect on the business? Let us know in the comments section below...




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