5 College Clubs That Actually Help Your Career

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College is not just about courses and units and getting your degree; it is a time to develop yourself into a wholesome being for the benefit of your future career. You need to take advantage of the various extra- and co-curricular activities available to add depth to your academic qualifications and give you additional skills that are valuable in the workplace. The following are clubs you could join on campus and apply what you learn from them in your job:


1. Orientation Leader

Helping new students adjust in the university is a valuable service to give. Being an orientation leader gets you close to the college administration and enables you to interact with individuals from various backgrounds. You’ll gain public speaking experience, because you talk to large groups as well as small crowds, and good leadership training since you’re guiding new students together with their parents through the campus. Furthermore, getting a recommendation letter from your school administration is a great boost to your employability.



2. Student Government

Gain experience in leadership by being part of the student representative council of your college. You become a voice for the student population, represent their needs and cater to their requests. Student government also makes you get close to the administration, and you’re able to learn how it works to serve the institution. Such knowledge is valuable in workplaces, as you’ll be able to apply it as you learn company policies and concerns.

3. A Club Affiliated to Your Major

If you’re studying media, join the journalism club; if it’s medicine, join the pre-med society. Joining a club or society directly connected to your studies at the university demonstrates to employers that you are serious and engaged with your career goals. It could also afford you opportunities to learn more about the industry, gain work experience placement and have some hands-on application of the knowledge you receive from the classroom. Someone in the club affiliated to your major just might be the ticket to your future job!

4. Debate Club

You’ll be able to get great public speaking experience, as well as formulate and present ideas clearly, consistently and confidently. Participating in debates improves your ability to perform under pressure, and enhances your leadership capacity. Various other organizations also incorporate debate. For instance, you could be part of Model United Nations, Greenpeace, and Amnesty International. Having such strong affiliations adds credibility to your skills and qualifications.

5. Philanthropic Organizations

Giving back to society is greatly valued by potential employers. Organizations engaged in philanthropic and volunteer activities also give you unpaid work experience that increases your skills and knowledge. You learn how to have a positive impact on those around you, and how to be helpful with your time and resources. You could choose to volunteer for an organization directly related to your field of study, but you can also give your time to other causes you’re interested in to diversify your qualifications and give you a personality.


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Your college experience should expand your mind. Even if you are preparing with a specific career and goal in mind, the working environment has become dynamic and you need to demonstrate adaptability. You could even start your own club with uniquely defined interests as a way of illustrating your self-reliance and creativity.




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