5 Commonly Found Client Lies

When you are going into business, you should be prepared for different clients. There are those that make things up or they may not say exactly what they mean. Some just lie flat-out. Most times every client is looking out for his or her own interests. A lie remains a lie. You should be prepared for common lies clients tell. Here are five common lies clients tell according to Miranda Marquit on her blog

Lie: "If this goes well, I will get you more jobs"

This is a frequent lie used by many clients who want a ‘spec’ piece. The client wants you to do a free sample or a demo job and if it works out well they will get you more work in the future. Chances are the client wants you to do something for free and he/she moves on. That kind of job doesn’t pay your bills. Don’t be suckered into ‘future work’. Send the potential client your portfolio or examples of jobs you have done. If he or she wants something from you he or she should pay.

Lie: "I will get it at a lower rate elsewhere"

Here comes the haggler. He or she quotes a lower price than the market rate of your services and wants you to go lower. This is an attempt to lower your value. It is better to stick to your guns when it comes to pricing. Although there may be persons out there willing to go at a lower rate, you should consider what you are worth. Most times other persons or businesses may be doing shoddy and low quality work. You should consider what you are going to put into the job whether in skill, time and experience. If you are confronted with such a lie next time, answer, “That’s great! You should hire that person.”

Lie: "It’s just a small project"

This is a lie that lures you in. You feel it is not going to take much work and time and you charge a rate that reflects the idea that it is a small project. However, once you accept the price, the client starts filling you in with more details of the job. Endless revisions may also ensue and you end up doing more than you expected. Before you are willing to take on such a project, be clear on how many revisions you are willing to do and get details from the client about the job. Make sure you get the client’s words in writing, and be clear that you will re-visit the cost if things start to become more expensive than expected.

Lie: "Receive high levels of exposure"

There is no guarantee that any job you do will grab people’s attention, or that they will remember who did it when they see it. The question to ask is, “do I need exposure, or do I need to get paid?” Don’t end up disappointed should levels of exposure not be imminent, if the job is done correctly word of mouth will generate itself over time.  

Lie: "The job will be incredibly successful" 

For some, it is considered impossible to fully monitor the success of a client’s job. Simply the knowledge that the job was completed can be acknowledged. However, measuring the success can be done - following completion. Always consider your own profits and/or percentages based on the service delivery and ignore dreams of success and publicity.

What is your opinion on the subject? What other lies do clients tell? Send us your thoughts in the comments below!


Image Sourced: Client Lies