5 Companies that Are in the Movember Mood

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It’s November, and everyone knows it’s that time of the year again when all the men start growing a moustache. As if they needed an excuse to let their facial hair run wild! But they’re actually doing it for a good cause. The Movember movement is in full swing, and Mo Bros around the world are growing their moustaches for 30 days, and taking the MOVE challenge with Mo Sistas to fundraise for men’s health.

The Movember Foundation, the global men’s health charity, is responsible for raising money to support research and cancer programs to help men live happier and healthier lives. Having carried out more than 1,000 projects emphasizing on the biggest men’s health issues (e.g.: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity), they have managed to collect a staggering $685 million in donations since 2003.

Amongst other initiatives, the charitable organization encourages every company to get into the “mowing” action. The easiest way to do it? Just start a team in your department or office, start spreading the word, and show off your mo in various contests and competitions.

Here are five companies that have started their own Movember campaigns and have proved they are a little more creative:

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1. BuzzFeed

The BuzzFeed team is most definitely in the Movember mood. This little article is a testimony to their commitment to raising awareness for men’s health. Check out their video guide on the facial hair evolution to get ideas for growing your own mo.

2. Groupon

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Movember starts at Groupon with pre-stache pampering and shave sessions for the company’s male employees who are participating in this great cause, and go on to show off their mos over the next 30 days. The company also hosts bake sales and the headquarters are decorated in a Movember theme.

3. Electrobac

Electrobac, an old electronics recycling startup, is yet another company trying to make the world a better place for men and have put together this fantastic video as part of their Movember campaign!

4. Classified Ventures

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As an excuse for celebrating Movember, Classified Ventures offers paid volunteer days to the employees who want to get involved in the fundraiser. This is great because not only do employees feel more engaged to work (even outside of the office), they’re also involving themselves for a good cause, too.

5. Workbar

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At Workbar, everyone’s in the Movember mood and raising awareness for men’s health the way they know best. They host several amazing parties and events throughout the month, so if you’re in Boston (with or without a tache), you might want to pay them a visit.

Do you and your colleagues want to get involved in this great cause and take the 30-day Movember challenge? These stylish items will most definitely come in handy when grooming your taches!

If your department’s already signed up for the challenge, you might want to check out the team leaderboard, which lists all the participating teams and their contributions, to stay on top of everything and come in first place.

What’s your Movember team’s name? How much have you raised so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!