5 Crazy Things People Have Done to Get a Job

In a crazily competitive job market, jobseekers have no choice other than setting themselves apart from the herd of other candidates thirsty for landing their dream job. Yes, sometimes you have to go to extremes in order to get noticed and show your value to potential employers. Wonder how some people went about differentiating themselves from the crowd? Here are some of the craziest things jobseekers have done to get a job according to a Quora thread…

1. Sending a Valentine’s package

Apart from creating a website to respond to a job ad, Kim Huynh delivered in person, a Valentine’s Day package to 7 marketing agencies in Melbourne. The nicely boxed gift contained a resume, a marketing plan, and some expensive chocolate. Kim came up with this brilliant idea around February and she managed to get an interview with 4 out of 7 agencies. Interestingly, the website works as the online platform which gives more details on the campaign and it features an interactive game where people can choose whether or not they want to speak to her.

2. Brought a cheesecake to the company

Mark Streich, an angel investor and software tech entrepreneur, walked up to Google’s offices back in 1998 and started slicing up a cheesecake that he made himself, in the search engine company’s break room. His resumes were set next to the mouth-watering dessert. The idea behind this move is that when someone would come in, he’d introduce himself offer them a piece of piece of cheesecake and hand them a resume. Finally, he managed to land his dream job and according to him, his cheesecake would now worth about $5m.

3. Sent lettuce to a company


Sanket Chauhan, applied for an internship opportunity at a startup called Lettuce apps. In order to stand out, he jokingly mailed them a box with lettuce, his resume and a note reading “When can I interview?” Finally, he received a call to interview the following day, but, unfortunately, did not get the job due to lack of sufficient experience.

4. Play ‘Rock-paper-scissors’

Nikki Finnemore mentions at the end of an interview for her first job, the two directors of the company were not sure how to make the decision to hire or not to hire her and asked whether she had any suggestions. She immediately proposed the ‘rock-paper-scissor’ game. So if she won she would get the job right away, and would not get the job should they win.  She won, but truth to be told, the daring candidate had already made a positive impression on directors who were highly inclined to hire her. But there’s no interesting hiring process without a little bit of suspense!

5. You need to make these changes!

Sometimes you do not need to use sugary words to say how wonderful something or someone is. Just be honest and stick to the bare truth. Julian Milenbach was interviewing for the position of lab director at PC World magazine and distinguished himself by telling the management of the magazine everything he deemed wrong with the publication. He referred to the six previous issues and highlighted where there are problems and how he would fix them. He got the job, and guess what? He was the only candidate who dared to say the truth instead of bootlicking the magazine’s leadership.

These are just a few of the weirdest methods jobseekers have resorted to in order to wow potential employers and finally land their dream job. Have you ever used any creative methods to get a job? Please share them with us!