5 Creative Guerilla Marketing Techniques For Tight Budgets

In today’s era of fiscal restraint, tight budgets and a slow economy, businesses are coming up with all new kinds of unique tricks to entice potential customers and clients to use their company for whatever good or service they’re looking for. All it takes is a little bit of unconventional, outside-the-box concepts.

Enter: guerilla marketing, an innovative marketing technique that can help businesses obtain maximum exposure at the lowest cost possible. This has been a method for companies for years, and more entrepreneurs and marketing gurus are coming up with new ways to promote a company, product or service.

Individuals have even conjured up some clever techniques to market themselves for a job prospect: sending a shoe to a human resources manager in order to get their foot in the door or climbing on a roof to help repair it and then ask for an employment opportunity.

Business and marketing experts concur that it’s a lot more difficult today to reach an audience and encourage them to patron the corporation in question. With so many established and successful businesses around, the question that a customer will ask is: why should I use your brand?

“A decade or two ago, media was relatively consolidated; advertisers knew they could reach a significant segment of their targeted audience via newspapers and television commercials, which almost seems quaint today,” said advertising entrepreneur Patrick Walsh, according to Capital Liberty News. “We live in what academics call the Age of Choice, where reaching a broad audience and funneling their attention to a business has become trickier than ever.”

Here are five creative guerilla marketing techniques that companies with tight budgets should incorporate into their business plan to garner attention and exposure:

Word of Mouth

Whether you’re a struggling author, an ambitious business owner or a dedicated painter, you need as much word of mouth as possible. In that case then why not do it yourself? If you’re out with a friend, family member or business associate then consider espousing how great the company in question is and talk about a great feature your business offers. People are always eavesdropping so use it to your advantage.

Reverse Graffiti

It’s no surprise that every major metropolitan city has a section that is covered in graffiti, which sometimes drives residents and businesses crazy. One guerilla marketing technique is reverse graffiti or otherwise known as clean tagging, a method whereby a person creates an image by removing dirt or paint from a surface using a fingertip or other cleaning utensil.

Snail Mail

Residents are sick and tired of bills and flyers filling up their mailbox. Why not create a memorable, lasting impression with a potential customer or a client by sending them a specialised card that is advertised directly towards them? This can be done during certain holiday seasons and the cards can be bought in bulk at stores or online at CafePress.

Paying it Forward

When was the last time you bought a total stranger a coffee or picked up the bill for a family at a restaurant? Although many believe it won’t necessarily produce clientele immediately, leaving a business card with the waiter or the table can help get your name out there and have people remember it for a long time.

Body, Clothing and Vehicle Art

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If you’re extremely dedicated to your business then think about applying advertising art to your body (tattoo), clothing (emblem) and mode of transportation (stickers). These should be fun, clever and appealing. Potential customers want to be amazed and one way to accomplish this is through visual creativity.

Indeed, marketing can be an expensive expenditure for businesses, whether it’s through taking an ad out in the newspaper, purchasing the services of search engine optimisation experts or buying a billboard. This is why guerilla marketing methods should be utilised for businesses with limited budgets, but they shouldn’t be your only form of advertising.

Do you incorporate guerilla marketing methods into your business model? Let us know in the comment section.




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