5 CV Layouts That Will Get You Noticed

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The secret to getting a job is creating an awesome CV that will stand out! Are you sure yours will get shortlisted? These CV layouts can help you out!

Apart from including the right information, your CV also needs to have an outstanding layout. If it looks dull and boring, no employer will be interested in reading it, and you risk losing your chance of getting the job. But, if your CV has a beautiful structure, and uses an attractive design with nice colours and clear headings you stand a much better chance.

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Here are some CV layouts that can help you get noticed by employers.

1. Resumeway

Jennifer Smith cvResumeway

Resumeway offers some great CV templates and resume packs that you can check out. This CV template allows you to create an attractive document that summarizes your qualifications and skills in a nice way without using too many colours - up to three is usually a good combination, but it depends how you use them. It helps the candidate’s name and contact details to stand out and conveys the information employers need.

2. Creative Market

minimal resume templateCreative Market

If you want to get creative, you can create a CV that’s simple and straightforward, but still manages to catch the attention of employers. This example shows a minimal resume template, that’s ‘clean’, organised and presents information in an easy-to-read way. Considering that employers don’t have too much time to spend on each CV, you need to make it as easy for them to get the information they need. This CV does it well.

3. Etsy

will brave cvEtsy

Etsy has some beautiful CV templates you might want to check out. This one, for example, could be perfect if you are applying for a more creative role. If you are trying to make a strong first impression, this CV shows that you are a unique and resourceful individual that pays attention to detail. An attribute that employers hold in high regard.

4. Cursive Q Designs

megan summers cv templateCursive Q

This modern Swiss style resume looks more like an advert than a CV, but that can be a good thing. Just like any advertisement needs to be eye-catching, this one stands out for obvious reasons. The red colour is bold – especially when used in a CV, though it blends nicely with the white background and the chosen CV format. Would you dare to go red?

5. Loft Resumes

waverly campLoft Resumes

LoftResumes also offer unique CV designs that stand out and are different to what every candidate or employer is used to. Using an easy-to-read design and subtle colours, this CV can help you talk about yourself by focusing on your work experience and skills, which are the two sections of your CV employers are mostly interested in.

Even though these CV templates are not all free, it’s worth checking them out to find out if they can help you get hired! So which one would you choose? Let me know in the comments section below…