5 Different But Delicious Lunches That Will Brighten Up Your Day at Work

How often do you skip lunch at work? Once per week? Twice? Three times? If you skip lunch on a regular basis then look out, because you are headed in the direction of poor long term health. According to a study published in the journal Metabolism, ‘people who skipped two meals a day… ended up with elevated fasting glucose levels and delayed insulin response’. The dangers of these two side effects can lead to an even more severe condition – diabetes. Is this risk worth skipping lunch for the sake of squeezing in another 15-20 minutes of worktime into your day? Let’s hope your response to that is, no!

Ideally, you should always make time during your lunch hour (because this is usually midday and the perfect time to re-boost your energy levels and refresh your mind ready for the afternoon tasks ahead) to eat even a small meal, provided it is nutritious. While this does mean preparing your lunch either the night before or each morning, the added benefits eating a healthy lunch will make to your life are worth the extra prep time it takes to make your lunch meal.

I have complied a list of 5 of the most tasty lunchtime ideas that will not only reboost your energy levels and keep you productive throughout the day, but which will also brighten up your workday! There’s nothing worse than eating a boring or stale lunchtime snack, so with this in mind, here are the lunches that made it into my list…


Strawberry and Goats Cheese Salad

Sick of regular salads? There is nothing quite so demotivating when it comes to making time for lunch than when you know you have a basic tuna salad waiting for you. Spice up your healthy lunch meal with this strawberry and goats cheese salad, and add balsamic vinegar for an extra kick! Check out the recipe here.

Sweetcorn Fritters


Don’t have a microwave at work? Fear not, these sweetcorn fritters are fantastic eaten at room temperature (although eaten warm is even better!) and make for an easy lunchtime meal. Provided you like sweetcorn, these fritters really are a tasty treat that will keep you full all day. Check out the recipe here.

Warm winter Rosemary Roast Squash and Mushroom Salad

This is a hearty meal for a ‘salad’ and one that is inexpensive to make yet bursting with flavour! This meal with full of vitamin D and anti-oxidants which makes it a good choice if you are feeling slightly ‘under the weather’. Check out the recipe here.

Chicken and Avocado Pittas

This is a very healthy and fulfilling lunchtime meal that can be prepared quickly and easily. By all means add additional ingredients to suit your taste, such as cherry tomatoes, red onion, sweetcorn or even coriander! Check out the recipe here.

If you have any other ‘different’ but delicious lunchtime meal ideas to add to this list, add them in the comments section below!

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