5 Easter Marketing Successes for 2014

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1. BBC3
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This picture tweeted by BBC3 is bound to get retweeted into infinity! Not only did they put Family Guy characters on eggs, they also recreated Top Gear, Eastenders and Sherlock in egg-form. They even created their own miniature Faberge egg as a nod to the Antiques Roadshow. The idea is highly creative, unique and bound to get noticed by anyone who watches TV (i.e. everyone).

These adverts are cracking… And they once again prove how clever marketing campaigns geared around the holidays can pay off. For most of us Easter means a four-day weekend of partying or escaping to the country, but we mustn’t forget the marketing opportunity that goes hand in hand with this holiday. So, make use of any holiday or current events when considering your marketing strategy. Just stay away from the insensitive and the irrelevant and you’ll be onto a winner!


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