5 Effective Ways That Entrepreneurs Have Boosted Their Brand

These days, it seems like everyone is jumping on the entrepreneurial train. With business opportunities cropping up all over the world, it really pays to be innovative at the moment and if you haven’t thought about venturing into a startup, it’s more likely than ever before that you will. With mass innovation, however, come potential pitfalls. The sheer amount of new business ideas flooding the commercial market means that some areas are at risk of becoming over-saturated and therefore, ineffective.

It’s time to shake things up a bit. The most successful entrepreneurs out there are always one step ahead of the game, looking for the most inspired ways in which to boost their brand image and gain dominance of the market. These entrepreneurs are not only great business thinkers, they’re savvy marketers, too, and to make it in the cutthroat world of the startup field, it pays to have multiple strings to your professional bow. Taking inspiration from other entrepreneurs might just be the key to boosting your own brand, and achieving success.

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1. Michael Dublin: Turning To Youtube

Youtube is having something of a "moment" in 2015, and if you’re smart, you will think about tapping into the video site’s viral possibilities. Michael Dublin of shaving brand Dollar Shave Club did exactly this and, thanks to an exceptionally well planned and timed campaign, really reaped the benefits. Finding himself in a bit of a bind and with dozens of crates of shaving razors to get rid of, Dublin did the most sensible thing he could think of and decided to sell them cheaply online. An incredibly simple idea, the business really took off, and it is all thanks to the way the Dublin and his pals marketed their services.

Their Youtube video is sassy, witty and to the point, and really sells the possibilities of the business model. Tapping into the traditional methods of mega advertising campaigns, the Dollar Shave Club presented a business model that really spoke to its potential customers and, unsurprisingly, really took off. All you need is a little time, a lot of humour, and a great business head.

2. Jamie Green: Doing A Public Stunt

Jamie Green

Of course, there’s nothing more effective than reaching out to people in real life, creating a surge of interest by launching an event, or one-time stunt. Entrepreneur Jamie Green certainly believed that it was in the public that he could find success for his business One Night Stand Sleepwear. A sleepwear brand with a difference, One Night Stand Sleepwear gives a majority of its profits to help support people without a home, who are forced to sleep on the streets. Naturally, Green wanted the public to get involved in the company’s efforts and by fronting a one-time-only public stunt, increased both the media’s and the public’s attention of his company.

To help to bring the brand much needed attention, Green took it upon himself to stand in a perspex box for 24 hours straight on the streets of Melbourne. Unsurprisingly, the campaign attracted a huge amount of public and commercial attention and did wonders for the brand’s image. Better yet, Green became something of an entrepreneurial hero, known for his willingness to do whatever it takes to bring his brand to the media’s attentions. The whole world was made aware of the brand and its intentions and, on the eve of its launch, it could not have been better timed.

3. Lee Thompson: Capturing A Shareable Moment


If the 2010s will be remembered for anything at all, then surely it is the selfie. With the word entering the Oxford English Dictionary, it is a legitimate global trend and following the mass sales of both smartphones and selfie sticks, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Entrepreneurs in the 21st century have never been better equipped before. With the accessibility of the internet and shareable technology, it has never been easier for them to get their voice and brand into the public’s attentions and naturally, many of the most innovative people are using viral methods to get themselves better known.

Entrepreneur Lee Thompson is the mind behind startup venture The Flash Pack. Stepping on the travel craze brand wagon that is currently circling the globe, the company hosts adventure holidays for singles and solo travellers, taking them to some of the most incredible spots over the globe. Marketing the photogenic side of his business, Thompson looked to the very popular selfie trend that is taking the world by storm. Climbing to the top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, Thompson took a selfie that has since become a viral sensation, marketing the adventure side of his brand. Showing the spontaneous possibilities of his business, Thompson was later inundated with web enquiries and saw a huge spike in his business.

4. Richard Branson: Taking A New Approach To Transport

Richard Branson

There are few other entrepreneurs who have experienced the same kind of success as Richard Branson. Since founding his highly lucrative Virgin Group with a selection of record stores, it has been pretty plain sailing for the entrepreneur, with multiple business models taking off under his wing. During the launch of Virgin Cola in the early 1990s, Branson looked to do something out of the box, and thereby spark the public’s interest and imagination.

Making his way through the centre of New York, Branson chose to travel by tank, drawing huge amounts of media attention. The stunt clearly worked; international media quickly picked up the story and in the process, pushed the presence of Virgin Cola onto the world’s stage. Of course, it wasn’t to be plain sailing for Virgin Cola and despite the company eventually going under, the marketing stunt is still remembered today. It just goes to show that sometimes, the marketing can out-do the product it is advertising.

5. Jimmy Cregan: Using Music As A Hook

Jimmy Cregan

If there’s anything that the contemporary consumer likes more than anything, it’s a catchy tune. Every few months, a new song seems to take the main stage, drawing international media attention and the obsessions of music fans over the world. Jimmy Cregan is a man who understands the power of music and decided to use it as a hook for his startup venture. The man behind the incredibly lucrative Jimmy’s Iced Coffee brand, Cregan is the man of the moment and is responsible for rejuvenating the public’s obsession with the iced, caffeinated drink.

On the run up to his brand launch, Cregan released the phenomenally successful track “Keep Your Chin Up” under the uniquely named Death Roast Records. Despite other advertisers crashing and burning in the music business, Cregan’s attempts were remarkably well received and actually turned out to be really good. Released alongside an incredibly slick music video, the track turned out to be the real deal and found success thanks to Cregan’s own interests in Hip Hop and rap. Sometimes, it pays to tap into your own talents when marketing a new startup and showing that you don’t take yourself too seriously is a great way to gain the public’s affections.

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Whatever kind of startup you’re launching, it pays to make marketing your friend. In the current technological climate, traditional advertising simply won’t do, and if you want to really grasp people’s attentions, it’s worth thinking outside of the box. These entrepreneurs’ ideas are undoubtedly crazy and yet, managed to take off in ways that many wouldn’t even dream would be possible. The entire startup journey is about inspiration and innovation and if you want to make it big, it’s best to get a little creative.

Do you know of any other out of the box advertising campaigns that we missed?





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