5 Election Jobs That Might Be the Ticket for You

With election season upon us, I bet you are all wondering what you can do to help and right you are because there’s nothing quite as exciting as being in the midst of an election. Even if working for a specific candidate is not your thing, and you are more interested in the whole election process, the entire experience can be really exciting.

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A presidential election can be like a football tournament; even if you are not a huge fan of either of the teams you’re bound to feel the thrill that comes when a championship is at stake. I promise you that election night will be the most exciting night of your life because it’s not about who wins, it’s about everything that led up to that moment. Of course, if you’ve been working for a candidate the thrill factor will be going up a notch, and you are going to be crying your heart out even if you win. So if you are looking for that kind of thrilling experience to add to your resume, these are five election jobs that might be perfect for you.

1. Poll Worker


If you choose to be a poll worker, your duties will include overseeing the polling site. You’ll also be responsible for issuing ballots and monitoring equipment. The hours are extremely long as a shift could be twelve to fourteen hours long, but it’s worth it as you can make up to $250 on Election Day.

2. Election Technology Specialist

Election technology specialists are essential to any election because electrical equipment tends to break, and when this happens it is their job to fix the election equipment. Election technology specialists’ duties also include keeping the voter database secure so that voter information is kept under lock and key. This job will be a perfect fit for you if you have computer science related degree, thrive when working under pressure and if you want a more flexible work schedule since electrical equipment rarely sticks to the traditional 9 to 5 when it decides to break.

3. Election Communications Coordinator

If you are more interested in working for a candidate than the election itself, then this job might be perfect for you. Election communications coordinators are essential in any campaign as they can help the candidate get their message out there and get more voters. Election communications coordinators run the media campaign for the candidate, and their duties include doing background reports and coming up with press releases. They are a vital part of the campaign so if you are passionate about a candidate and have a media related job or degree such as journalism this might be the perfect job for you.

4. Voter Translator

Sometimes it all comes down to voters who don’t speak the native language, and this is where a voter translator fits in. Voter translators are responsible for informing foreign language speaking voters about election procedures both before and on election day. To become a voter translator you need to pass a bilingual exam, and you will be paid roughly $20 an hour.

5. Voter Outreach Coordinator

This is by far the most interesting election job you can get if you are passionate about a candidate. Voter outreach coordinators are responsible for educating the general public about a specific candidate during election season. They also work with specific voter groups such as minorities, senior citizens and college students who can prove to be quite an important factor for candidates. So if you are a great communicator and have strong customer service skills, this job might just be the ticket for you.

Election season is always exciting, but to be involved in a campaign or the electoral process as a whole can be the most thrilling experience of your life. These jobs might not be Olivia Pope kind of gigs but they are essential and who knows, you may get caught up in a real-life scandal of your own just by being so near the candidate.

Have you ever carried out any of these jobs? Did you find them enjoyable and useful for your resume? Your thoughts and comments below.

5 election jobs that might be just the ticket for you




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