5 Employee Productivity Tools for Startups

Working for a startup can either be a blessing or a curse. There is really no middle ground. This means that you either love it, or you hate it. As a startup employee, most of the time you will feel a lot of pressure to deliver, and you will probably have a lot of responsibilities. While some would say that’s the beauty of it, most people wouldn’t manage to survive the fast pace work environment and competitive culture of a startup.

If you want to succeed in a startup, you always need to be on top of your game. You need to be resourceful, flexible and curious to want to learn more. In fact, sometimes you will even be expected to do much more than you know which means showing how you can be of use within the company is crucial.

Luckily for you, there are many tools that can help you make sure you are always efficient and ready to give 100%. Check these out:

1. Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is an all-time favourite tool for entrepreneurs, so if they are using it, why not you? This app can be very useful as it allows you to create shared folders on a platform that can be accessed from anywhere. Whether you are using your laptop, tablet or mobile you can sync your work documents, check up on your work and retrieve important information whenever you need it. Dropbox is a great collaboration tool as it ensures every employee is always up to date and aware of what’s going on.

2. Any.Do

This mobile app is everything you need to ‘get things done like a pro’. As a task management app, Any.Do allows you to synchronise your personal tasks with any work projects you have as well as share lists with your team to ensure you and your work buddies are on the same page. By keeping everything in one place, you increase your team’s productivity by sharing projects, tasks, adding attachments and conversations.

3. Trello

This app is the ultimate organizational tool. With Trello you no longer have to worry about exchanging lengthy boring emails, using outdated spreadsheets or software that makes it difficult to communicate with the rest of your team. Trello is free and has a very simple but attractive design that makes you want to log every bit of information on the platform. The way it works is unique as it allows you to organise your work projects as a group of lists and cards pinned on a virtual board. Entrepreneurs use it to get an overview of the work that it is being carried out by employees as well as the progress they have made.

4. Rescue Time

rescue time advert
Rescue Time

Rescue Time is another great app – and a free software program that helps you understand your daily habits and as such make the best use of your time every day. This is an incredibly useful tool for managers who want to increase the productivity of their team by tracking time. Rescue Time allows you to set goals, track your progress and blocks access to time-wasting websites that distract you from your work. Using the ‘productive pulse’ metric, the app keeps track of time measuring productivity levels on a scale of very distracting to very productive and shows how productive you have been throughout the day.

5. Toggl

Toggl is essentially a timer that’s incredibly easy to use. It is being used by many individuals and business professionals who can’t afford to waste time when an important task needs to be completed. As time tracking software Toggl is a great tool for optimising productivity across your team as it helps you organise your daily schedule based on activities and projects that you have going on.

Startup entrepreneurs put a lot of effort into increasing productivity in and out of the office. You need to keep up and ensure that you are using your time effectively. So, what tools would you choose? Make your choice and let me know in the comments section below…