5 Excellent Video Surveillance Systems for Businesses

Many businessmen focus a lot on the security of their offices and production units with surveillance equipment. Such equipment lets you record everything that happens within or outside office. The video surveillance system includes video-recording camera, and digital recorder. There are plenty of systems that help you watch video feeds remotely with a mobile device or computer.

Here are the best video surveillance systems to ensure complete protection of your business:

1. Dropcam

It is a cloud-based Wi-Fi video-monitor that comes with live-streaming, two-way communication, and random video viewing options. For your ease, its camera is featured with automatic infrared LEDs, and zoom capability. You can turn-on the LED during night hours. Dropcam sends alerts and notifies you of everything that seems suspicious in the office. It accompanies several mobile apps, cloud recording option, and video-recording scheduler, allowing you to turn cameras on and off anytime you want. It is advisable to get it installed by a surveillance system expert.

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2. VueZone

You can view Netgear’s VueZone powerful surveillance system using a smartphone, tablet, or any similar device. It has wireless IP cameras that you can place anywhere inside or outside the office. The camera automatically adjusts position, and records videos for a set time. You can opt for its free plan. If you want extended features, a premium plan is the only option. VueZone provides motion alerts, and automatic records the videos.

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3. Brickhouse Security

Brickhouse Security lets you access numerous video surveillance options. Its camera has powerful resolution. Some of extraordinary features of Brickhouse Security are digital wireless, IP security, and cloud camera. This software offers several recording and cloud options to let the businessmen monitor their surveillance feed on the internet remotely. Using this software, you can also change your IP as anonymous to access the blocked websites. This is a great software for the multinational companies and brands.

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4. Swann

Using Swann you can access services like indoor and outdoor security, Wi-Fi camera with pan and tilt function, digital video recording, and high definition results. You can protect your videos with password. You can transfer videos to external storage via USB drive. Its installation is easy and quick.

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5. Q-See

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

Q-See provides facilities like digital video recording, hidden security camera with high resolution capability, wireless CCTV solution, and a handful of accessories. Businessmen can opt for bullet, pan-tilt-zoom and IP camera. The software is supportive for up to 30 surveillance options, facilitating you with both network and analog video recording options. The installation of Q-See is quick, and it assures complete protection of your office.

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These tools have been developed by expert minds, providing numerous options to meet your business requirements. Another great tool you can consider is SVAT (, which presents high-definition video recording option, wireless camera, and night-vision capability. Additionally, you can access some other brilliant surveillance tools from the internet. Choose the software that best suits to you to make sure complete safety and security of business. 

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