5 Extremely Successful Marketing Tricks You Should Know About

Valentine's day

The marketing industry is toying with all of us – there are many sneaky methods they have been applying and developing for a really long time, and we are so used to their tricks that we don’t even notice them anymore. This is obviously a mistake, because most of those methods are subliminal, and they depend on impulsive shoppers. Those bad shopping habits – like a horrible need to buy something we don’t need just because it’s on sale – is exactly what advertisers feed on, and that’s only the beginning. Take a look at this list and find out what tricks you need to pay attention to!

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1. Fake Holidays

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day and even Valentine’s Day are all holidays made up by the marketing industry. Sure, they remind us that we should be more attentive to the people we love, but everything else about them simply makes you spend money unnecessarily. These holidays may have been a part of tradition once, but now, they are nothing more than just another opportunity for advertisers to manipulate you into purchasing things you don’t really need.

2. Gift Cards

All holidays require from you to get a gift for that special someone, right? Well, probably the worst gift you can get for someone is a piece of paper – which is exactly what you do when getting someone a gift card. Leaders in this market spend years and years on high quality marketing, and we now find it absolutely acceptable to get someone a $100 card and treat it like if it were an expensive gift. Doesn’t make much sense when you think about it, does it?

3. Diamonds in Champagne & Coffee

First of all, the “diamonds are forever” campaign did miracles for this industry – today, an engagement gift isn’t considered complete if it doesn’t have a nice diamond on top. But this isn’t where they stopped; getting a regular diamond isn’t really that special – now you can get them in champagne or coffee. However, these types of diamonds are really rare, which is why jewelers use all sorts of tools to make regular diamonds darker, like UV lights for example. Besides, diamonds aren’t as rare as it’s presented to us, which is why they are massively hoarded so that their value doesn’t decrease.

4. The Maze

Have you ever felt like you’re in the middle of a shelve-maze when you enter a supermarket? Well, that’s not because you’re claustrophobic, that’s for sure – all stores are made that way, to make you feel confused and overwhelmed by all the products around you. Naturally, the more you wander around the store, the more items you’ll end up getting, especially if they are on discounts.

5. Personalized Approach

This isn’t as bad as the previous ones, but you should know that it is just another marketing strategy. When you’re addressed personally in an email for example, and granted with some kind of discount that’s for “the circle of loyal customers only”, that company is only making another attempt to keep you as their customer – they are just being slightly politer. It’s the same with other notifications you receive about the similar new products you might also like. There are many effective trends that naturally improve the efficiency of advertising, but being sneaky isn’t one of them.

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We have just scratched the surface with this list; there’s a ton of small tricks and deceiving scams advertising agencies apply. Learning about them will definitely be helpful when it comes to cutting down your costs, and purchasing things you actually require – so read up and learn how to be a smart shopper. We are long past the time where having only superficial understanding of how marketing work is enough. Not every marketing campaign is benevolent and you need to be aware when they are praying on your baser needs.