5 Facts that prove being a Chocolate Taster is NOT an Easy Job

Eating chocolate every day as part of your job sounds unreal, and is a reality for chocolate tasters across the world. However, beyond the delicious unlimited supply of chocolate, the job presents its challenges. Chocolate tasters work under pressure to advise their clients and approve products. In the midst of all niceties, you have to make objective decisions and deliver as per your job description.


Depending on your job designation, chocolate tasting may involve lots of travelling. If you work for a chocolate seller, you will visit factories and attend chocolate tasting events to sample new flavours. Alternatively, if you work for a manufacturer, you will visit raw material suppliers to check on the quality of raw products and to sample different ingredients. The travelling separates you from your friends and loved ones for extended periods, creating an emotional distance. Long trips may leave you feeling empty and lonely, which can affect the quality of life you live.


Chocolate tasting requires that you ingest a lot of sugar and calories. The job has little or no allowance for you to watch your calorie intake, which can affect your health negatively. Chocolate is also rich in saturated fats and lacks vital vitamins and minerals our bodies require daily. A career in chocolate tasting demands that you watch your diet, thus, you may have to limit or give up your intake of other calorie rich foods. A lengthy career in chocolate tasting without proper personal care can lead to the development of diseases such as diabetes, tooth cavities, cardiovascular complications and obesity.

Work Load

As a chocolate taster, you work longs hours and spend up to 50 percent of your working hours tasting chocolates. You then have to write reports and give recommendations. Your job description will include more than one role; in supply and retails chains, you have to oversee sampling and marketing. In manufacturing firms, you work in product design and development. Each environment has demands that may require you to work long hours, sometimes into the night, especially in the high season when you have to complete a Valentines or Christmas range.

Job Demands

Chocolate tasters must love chocolate, have a strong palette and a broad understanding of various chocolate flavours. While tasting, you take a bite, chew it for a few seconds, let it melt in the mouth and spread to all parts of the tongue to evaluate its flavours and viscosity. You must pay attention to detail and learn to identify flavours and quality quickly. You also have to work with chocolate varieties you may not like. Additionally, understanding customer preferences is key. You will spend time studying customer based research findings and try to determine the flavours that will meet their demands.

Lack of Routine

Each day as a chocolate taster is different, especially if you enjoy working on a strict routine. Seasons change and bring in new demands that you must fulfil. You also study competitors and try to beat them. Creativity, innovation and imagination are essential to succeed on the job. You must also remain flexible to change at all times, especially if your work involves travelling.

Are you a chocolate lover? Would you still love a career as a chocolate taster after reading this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below

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