5 Features Mail Chimp Users Often Overlook

Mail Chimp is one of the best value for money newsletter platforms in the world today. You can build your list and install a signup form on your website. This links your website with Mail Chimp. Anyone who signs up with your custom form will be added to your list. With a single account, you can manage multiple lists for multiple websites at once. Mail Chimp is a central point where you can send newsletters to specific groups without the any trouble.

Here are five features users of this service often overlook:


Lists and Groups

Users often choose to use lists OR groups. You should be using lists and groups together. Groups can be used to allow subscribers to choose their newsletters. The information provided by each group can be used to determine how often your users want to hear from you.

A list is just a list of your subscribers, but groups help you to segment them further. Whenever you send out a campaign, you can filter your groups by interest. This ensures that the newsletter is sent only to people who want to receive your next newsletter.

Studies have shown it’s a way of reducing the number of people unsubscribing from your newsletter.

Hidden Group Fields

Your goal is to increase the accuracy of your newsletters in any way you can. Hidden group fields are another powerful feature you can use to find out more information about users without annoying them. Hidden group fields will reveal information about whether they downloaded something from you, but without annoying the user with this information.

It enables you to have a form filled with 20 fields, but to the user only about three or four of them will appear. You can import this information from your website into Mail Chimp.

And here’s a bonus feature for you. Mail Chimp allows you to import information from a range of providers. They understand users come from different backgrounds and have different preferences, so they’ve catered to them.


One of the biggest problems with newsletter platforms is duplication of email addresses. Sometimes this is a problem with the platform and sometimes it’s a problem with the software being used to import the addresses.

Mail Chimp comes with a de-duplication feature. It scours your lists and groups and removes any duplicate email addresses.

This is more important than you think. It’s irritating for users who constantly receive the same newsletter multiple times. It only contributes towards encouraging people to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

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RSS Integration

If you are running some sort of blog, it doesn’t take much to setup full RSS integration. This means whenever you post something new, you’ll also automatically send an email to your newsletter subscribers. The newsletter notifies them of the new post. You can setup a default template for this within Mail Chimp.

In many cases, bloggers will send an email whenever they post something new anyway. This automates the process and saves you time. Now you’ll have more time to concentrate on writing more engaging content.


Conversion Tracking and Analytics

Mail Chimp offers a solid analytics area on your dashboard. You can access this with a click of a button. A cool feature to use is ‘conversion tracking’. This allows you to find out how your subscribers are reacting to your newsletter. Are they ignoring it or clicking on the links within?

Other features like ‘Email Domain Performance’ offer information about where your newsletters are most successful. Do Gmail users or Yahoo Mail users respond better to your posts?

In short, Mail Chimp offers some of the most comprehensive analytics and tracking features in the world. It’s why this is a newsletter platform that continues to grow in stature.


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