5 Fictional Females That Show us How Work Chic is Done

The female boss, is a working woman that is tough, successful and looks damn good doing it! These characters are at the top of their style game and an inspiration to working women that know presentation is key to self confidence. Are you in a work wear style rut? Take some tips from these ladies giving us life goals and proving there is more to business wear than a boring blazer and pencil skirt combo.

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1. Olivia Pope - Scandal

Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope is so chic it hurts. This is an example that creating a signature colour palette and sticking to it can work wonders for your wardrobe. In Olivia’s case, this means luxe fabrics in beautiful neutrals with no fussy patterns. Olivia likes to ’wear her white hat’ for team good guys and her penchant for white clothing, reinforces this point not so subtly. And it really works. Having a signature colour makes you memorable and is a clever way to manipulate a good first impression. Colours have meanings and associations, so use this to bolster your impact on your workplace and compliment your best physical and professional features. Always be subtle though, mix your chosen colour spectrum with neutral black, white and grey for a polished style and reap the benefits of having a matching capsule wardrobe. When everything matches, dressing for work is simple and a major time saver too! Never mind that each of Olivia’s outfits looks as if it would cost a weeks rent, choose quality over quantity -simple elegance does not go out of style and a few choice items will go a long way.

2. Joan Holloway - Mad Men

Joan Holloway

Joan Holloway is a bombshell with the shrewd intelligence to run circles around her chauvinistic male colleagues in the world of 1960’s advertising. When your body is ’a Ferrari’, objectification can be a setback but Joan maximises her impact by controlling it with a refined approach to style that displays her confidence and power. The best way to show pride in your femininity in a professional way is structure and tailoring. Joan knows exactly what shapes compliment her figure whist showing strength in a man’s world. She rocks bold colours, sharp lines and has an unforgettable presence. We can all learn something from Joan, this woman understands her working environment and uses her perceptive skills to her advantage. Well-tailored clothing gives a message of astuteness and confidence that can support your acumen and working skills. Enhance your features with structure and no nonsense shapes and don’t be afraid to be creative with dashes of colour and pattern that show your flair.

3. Carrie Mathison - Homeland

Carrie Mathison is the erratic but brilliant CIA agent sacrificing everything for the sake of her country. And she looks like a boss while doing it. Carrie chooses a different approach to style in the male dominated world she inhabits; her look is low key and simply elegant with elements of androgyny that serves her role as an undercover agent. Incorporating aspects of menswear into your style is a dynamic way to show authority. Borrow the prowess that alpha males have naturally, as a chic and tongue-in-cheek nod to your success as a working woman. Fashion influenced by menswear is a trend right now as traditional gender roles are finally getting discarded. Use volume contrasted with fitted shapes to nail this look, a boxy, oversized jacket with a fitted shirt or some loose fit cigarette trousers with a cinched in waist. Accessorize with mannish brogues and a satchel. Contrasting masculine with feminine subtly hints at versatility, the best combination of both genders in an elegant package.

4. Dr Camille Saroyan - Bones

Ex-cop and forensic expert, Dr Camille Saroyan spends many days deep in the most gruesome, decomposing muck, yet out of her lab coat she has the most astonishing sense of style. With her slick flapper bob and chic formal bodycon dresses, she oozes feminine professionalism and intelligent flair. Camille’s style is neat and sharp, displaying her love of edgy shapes and patterns that are a visual representation of her sharp intellect and moral standing. To take a leaf out of Camille’s book of elegance, go for cutting edge shapes and geometric patterns that show your awareness of culture and fashion and will help you stand out from the crowd. Mix modern with classic and incorporate clean monochrome elements to keep it formal. Someone who dresses with a keen eye for current trend is someone that appears to have their head in the game and hand on the pulse. When your outfit is edgy, the message is of bright astuteness and forward thinking; perfect for any ambitious career woman.

5. Daenarys Targaryen - Game Of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen

Okay, so unfortunately we can’t go to work wearing the best medieval couture! But, we can definitely learn about being a female boss from the Mother of Dragons. Daenerys marches her army across a continent, conquering cities and freeing slaves. She is the queen of the underdogs, the downtrodden and once weak yet she rules with as much strength, as she does with heart, dishing out justice to those that oppose her and harm her people. This balance is represented by contrasting elements of hardness and softness within her clothing. We can achieve the same balance of masculine and feminine in our work wear; try a light, silk blouse under a firm, structured blazer or contrast subtle lace details with hints of leather or metallic. The most important lesson we can learn from Daenarys, is how she adapts her style to fit her environment, adopting the fashions of each place she rules over. This is a great way to visually communicate your allegiance to your company and further enhance your brand. It can also aid working relationships, showing colleagues and clients that you are conscientious and flexible.

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When it comes to business chic, these ladies are killing it and are a major inspiration to us all! Who do you think is the most fashionable character on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.