5 Foods That Help You Slim Down (Which Can Be Easily Consumed at Work)


According to the results of a survey carried out on 2,000 British workers, 72% of workers admitted to gorging on junk food in the office when they were having a particularly stressful day. For some, the stress can be from simply being burnt out at work, but a 2015 paper from Harvard and Stanford Business School found that there are ten common stressors in the workplace, of which include lack of health insurance, long hours, no job security, and financial problems. With so many factors influencing a person’s stress levels, it is understandable that the average worker tends to put on weight when working in ‘inactive’ jobs, i.e. office-based positions.

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This is a growing concern for many, both from the employees and employers’ perspective. No one wants to become overweight and have it out of their control because they are simply too stressed to cope with a situation, while no employer wants to be burdened with the costs that come with having unhealthy employees who take days off work.

It is therefore ideal to start trimming the waist line while you work! Here are some healthy snacks that will keep you energized and healthy, whilst also aiding the weight loss process. While not all of these foods are proven weight loss accelerators, they low in calories and have fat-burning properties.

#1 Shrimps

Shrimps are easy to cook, relatively inexpensive and can be eaten for lunch at your desk with ease! One serving of shrimps is only 8 calories, and what is more appealing is the fact that shrimps are a high-quality source of ‘lean protein’ which helps to speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

#2 Cucumber

Snack on chunks of cucumber at your desk or add cucumber to your salad for a healthy lunchtime meal. Cucumbers are low in sodium and help your body to reduce its retention of water. In addition, cucumber is made up mostly of water, which means it is low in calories (only 45 calories for a whole cucumber) and is a refreshing snack to keep you alert.

#3 Egg white Omelet

Omelettes are easy to make and require little preparation time. Using only the egg whites, make your omelette and keep it in a sealed container to eat at lunchtime (heat your omelette if you prefer it warm). At only 17 calories per omelette, this is a great lunchtime meal option. Additionally, it will suppress your appetite to keep you fuller for longer and is considered one of the best sources of protein. Cooking tip: add spinach to your omelette to add vitamins and nutrients.

#4 Green Apples

Opt for Granny Smiths! Eating crunchy green apples is a good source of fibre, and it will help to make you feel fuller for longer, thereby stopping you from craving unhealthy snacks all day. The more you chew on crunchy apples, the more your digestive system will operate to its full capability.

#5 Grapefruit

Image source: SheKnows

One of the best foods with fat-burning potential is the grapefruit. This fruit helps you to shed weight by increasing your metabolism and inducing its fat-burning properties. Grapefruits are incredibly healthy and are a good way to detox your body. They also help with digestion and bloating. Eat half a grapefruit before your meals to help your body burn fat.

There you have it; five foods that can really help you to shed some pounds without preventing you from eating or forcing you to follow a fad diet. The main focus here is eating healthy and keeping your stress levels low through a balanced diet.