5 Good Reasons to Miss Work on a Winter Day

Every good employee finds themselves in situations where they cannot make it to work. While there a lot of good things about winter including big coats, bonfires and staying in for legit reasons, it is one of the most challenging times to get to work. It is easy to coin excuses to be absent from work during winter, but it is also possible to find yourself in legit situations that make it impossible to be at your desk.

Frozen Car Doors

Nothing can be more frustrating that frozen door locks when you are ready to leave for work. Bitter winds during winter can freeze your car’s windows and door locks. Keep a few cans of a deicer spray at hand for such instances. If you have none, heating up your key could offer a speedy solution. The key melts the ice as you insert in into the lock. Be careful not to burn the plastic top of your key. Another option is to dip the key into a Vaseline jar to allow it slide into the lock. Once in, try to wiggle the key to generate warmth that will in turn melt the ice. Your last resort is to use a hair dryer plugged into an extension. Direct the hot air at the door lock and block the cold wind with your body. If all the options fail, you have a good reason to call the day off after informing your boss.

Health Problems

While most people embrace winter and can cope without major challenges, some dread how their bodies respond to cold temperatures. Typical winter health woes, according to Harvard Health Publications include flu, heart disease, stroke, seasonal affective disorders and hypothermia, which occur when the body is unable to adjust well to cold weather. Keeping warm, eating healthy and seeking professional advice from a medic prior the season can help wade off some of the problems. Should medical problems persist, you are safer staying in the house to prevent health aggravations. Have a letter from your doctor to allow you get formal permission to miss work.

Disabled Car

It is not uncommon to see stuck or disabled cars on the road during winter. Should this happen to you, Business Insider advises that you stay inside with your seatbelt on until help arrives. Desperate attempts to make it to work might prompt effort to walk to the train or taxi station, but being outside your car puts you at higher risks. These include being caught up in sudden snow storms or hit by out-of-control vehicles. Notify your company of your situation and excuse yourself from work. A good employer will even call rescue services on your behalf.

Government Curfews

The government has a responsibility to protect its residents and forewarn them of any dangers. Using the information from the meteorology department, the federal or state government can impose curfews during extreme weathers to minimize injuries and stranded commuters. However, it is still courteous to send a note to your boss informing him of your intended absence from work. Your company may not be aware of the curfew or may have decided to ignore it and, therefore, expect you to be at work.

House Emergencies

House emergencies can vary from moderate snow over a few hours to persistent wind-driven snow for a couple of days. Winter storms are characterized by strong winds, freezing rain and dangerously low temperatures, all which paralyze mobility. Extreme icing and heavy snowfall can immobilize your entire region making it difficult to go outside. Winter weather also has the ability to knock out power and communications in your house, leaving you stranded. While it is essential to prepare for winter weather before it strikes, some circumstances are beyond you and a valid reason to miss work.

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