5 Great Career Options in Advertising

Most companies all over the world depend on advertising to draw attention to their products and services. As a result, advertising has continued to be a very lucrative industry that generates hundreds of jobs every year. Advertising agencies are always hiring talented and creative people with different qualifications in various departments. Here are some career options in the advertising industry to consider:

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1. Account Manager

An account manager is basically the link between the advertising agency and the client. They oversee art directors, copywriters and other staff members to ensure that the customer gets a satisfactory finished product. To be effective as an account manager, you need to have a good understanding of the client’s needs, as well as elements of advertising such as research, media, and creative and commercial production. In addition, you need to ensure that the advertising agency makes a good profit from the client. To succeed in this career, you need to have strong business skills, good organizational and leadership skills, and the ability to speak and write well. According to PayScale, an account manager can expect to earn about $50,315 per year.

2. Copywriter

Words are an essential element of most advertisements. Copywriters work in the creative department and are responsible for developing sales promotion materials, writing copy for advertising campaigns, and editing ad copy. Depending on their experience, copywriters could be tasked with writing scripts for radio ads, dialogue for TV commercials, or copy for print campaigns. In this career, you are likely to start off as an assistant or junior copywriter before getting promoted to a senior copywriter. PayScale reports that the annual salary of a senior copywriter is about $45,030.

3. Art Director

An art director is responsible for ensuring that an ad has the right images, colors and fonts. You are likely to be employed as a junior art director first, before becoming a senior director. This job involves developing visual designs and concepts, preparing layouts and paste-ups for television and print ads story boards, and overseeing the shooting of television ads and photography. To succeed in this career, you need to have excellent drawing, design and visual concept skills. As an art director, you can expect to earn around $60,270 per year.

4. Media Planner

The media department is tasked with placing ads in a way that ensures the right audience is reached at the right place, at the right time, and at the lowest possible cost. As a media planner, your work will involve carrying out research on customer demographics, brand sales history, and customer behavior and psychology. Success in this role requires good computer skills, and the ability to collect data and interpret findings in a qualitative and quantitative manner. According to MarketingProfs, media planners can earn up to $84,000 per year.

5. Digital Marketing Strategist

In this career, you are responsible for creating online advertising campaigns that will reach as many people as possible. This is usually through placing paid adverts on the right websites and blogs, as well as social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Success in this career requires some knowledge of web design, as well as skills in search engine optimization (SEO). This job can earn you a yearly salary of up to $135,250, according to MarketingProfs.

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The advertising industry is very competitive and getting a job is not very easy. Though some agencies only look for creativity, it would be advisable to take a course in marketing, journalism, business, or English.




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