5 Great Ideas to Create an Impressive Reception Area

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The first contact your potential clients will have with your company is the reception area. Often an afterthought to the functionality of a company’s workspace, an impressive reception area can start the conversation with your clients even before you exchange a word. So, do you want your reception space to start a positive conversation, or leave your client a little weary about working with you?

Here are some great ideas to create an impressive reception area.

1. Amenities

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Amenities and perks are a great way to make a positive impression on anyone that might step into your office. From promotional pens, to free snacks and coffee, offering something a little extra while your client waits is always a great way to make a positive and lasting first impression. Beyond muffins and espresso though you can also look into a little bit more swanky freebies such as branded usb sticks or power banks (which are very affordable but infinitely useful for anyone that uses technology) and even free Wi-Fi can help you put a smile on any person’s face.

2. Natural Light

No one wants to walk into a dark dank room and sit in awkward silence, so adding a bit of natural light to your space can make your reception area seem inviting and open. Another benefit of natural light is that you can keep real plants in the reception area, adding another note of sophistication and relaxation to the space. All these elements will also make the space seem larger and imbue a healthy enviroment, making it even more inviting to potential clients.

3. Power of The Brand

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Your logo can be considered everything your company embodies, so how is it represented and presented in your reception area? Be careful how you present it though. You need to walk the thin line between prominent and pompous, so material used and lighting should be an important consideration when creating the company’s logo which will be displayed in your reception area. Using a graphic designer in conjunction with an interior architect/designer should give you multiple tasteful and sophisticated solutions for your space.

4. Accessibility

You want to show that your company is an inclusive, welcoming place, thus your reception area must have the correct provisions for people with mobility problems and other types of disability. Using warning and directional signs that feature braille are a must have, as are accessibility features for individuals that use wheel-chairs. Also remember that people who are visual impaired might have an assistance dog with them and having water and treats for them will make you seem compassionate and an animal lover!

5. Visible

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Make sure any information that could help your client is clearly visible and includes most importantly all the warning and emergency signs and to a lesser extend Wi-Fi passwords, company literature/promotional material and so on. You can even consider having a screen playing the news, showing that your company likes to be aware of trends and current events.

Is there anything else that you think could help make an impressive reception area? Let us know in the comment section below.