5 Hacks to Get Rid of Negativity

Careers can be rewarding, they can boost your happiness and self-esteem, they can allow you to achieve new heights in your personal and financial lives, and careers can define you. But a career can also have an evil shadow world of burnout, depression, and terrible mornings filled with alarms and rush hour traffic. So, how can you get rid of the negativity in your life? How can you break free from considering your career as worthless when you see it more as a drain and hassle rather than a blessing? How do you harness the power of the Jedis and throat punch Darth Vader right out of your way?

As with any problem in life we have choices, we can choose the path of least resistance -you know, the easy way out- or we can make a decision to change things for the better. Life is like that, after disaster hits we can stand around looking at the chaos and think about how bad it is, or we can mobilize aid, help clear the rubble, and start rebuilding a better future.

The daily grind of the 9 to 5 can wear us down and slowly creep up on us and overwhelm of us like a stormcloud, but have no fear, here are five simple daily hacks that can easily boost your career and get you back to loving your career.

1. Ask for Feedback

While it’s true that the notes your boss keeps leaving on your desk reminding you of this and that drive you crazy, make sure that you take advantage of your boss’s willingness to communicate with you –even if it’s through post-its.  It is an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of your work and begin your ascent on the corporate ladder. You can ask for a few moments with your boss, and just let him know that you are looking to improve and advance and that you’d welcome any advice or feedback. Make sure to let him know that you’d like to receive feedback whenever he deems it necessary or has time. Listen to your bosses and supervisors, because even if they only talk to you to complain, hidden in each of those complaints are suggestions that you can use to stoke the embers of your own career.

2. Make Friends in the Workplace

I know you might want to walk into the workspace like highlander and start slashing away your co-workers one person at a time, but trust me, making friends at work will help you advance your career in many different ways. Not only do your bosses want to promote people who work well with others and know how to deal with their co-workers, but you can actually take the opportunity to study your co-workers to better find out what they are doing that makes them successful. By watching up and comers around the office, or even by watching some of the office scrubs, you can learn what makes people successful or unsuccessful in your workplace, and you can use this knowledge to advance your own career.

3. Flip Perspectives

Learning to switch your perspective with a few simple tricks can help you deal with both the stress and the overall gloomy mood that comes hand in hand with our long and challenging work day. A perspective flip, i.e. a change in perspective can be achieved through changing the way that you view a situation. This can be helpful in situations where we feel overwhelmed, unhappy, or frustrated.

Imagine you have been behind all week at work and suddenly your boss comes in and dumps another huge project on your desk, not only that, but he wants you to team up with a colleague that you can’t stand; in this situation it would be easy to lose your cool and erupt like Pompeii, but even in times like this, a flip of perspective can help you make the most of a bad situation. Imagine if instead of focusing on the bad, you chose to figure out how to make the most of this unique situation. Rather than viewing the project as a burden, you could view it as an opportunity to exceed your boss’s expectations and maybe even earn a new promotion, and you could see the chance to work with a rising co-worker not as an annoyance, but as an opportunity to learn the traits that have allowed them to do so well in the company.

It is easy to flip your perspective by asking a few simple questions: “What can I learn from this situation?”, “What hidden opportunities could be hiding within this setback?”, “What can I be thankful for in a time like this?” A few questions is all it takes to change the entire situation.

4. Act Happier

When you give into the toxic nature of work, it can be easy to get sucked into depression and grog, but we also have the choice to pick a different stance of defiance. We can also choose to act happy and enthusiastic. Even if you don’t feel happy about losing your paid lunch break or having to work mandatory overtime for the next 4 weeks, you can act like you are happy about it. It might sound crazy, but if you try it out, I am sure you will see that many times acting like things don’t bother you, acting like you are happy, or excited about things will actually make you feel that way.

5. Remember Why you Love Your Job

The structure of the work place often sucks the life and spontaneity out of a job that at one point we loved and looked forward to. Management, especially bad management, has a way of making even something that is fun into a chore. When you don’t even want to head to work in the morning it can be soul sucking to get through the days, but if you think back, and if you look deep down into yourself, you will likely find that there is still a reason that you do what you do. Whether you go to work to pay your bills and provide for your family, or because you love what you do, or because you want to give back to others and contribute to something meaningful to the world, it is important to remember why you get up and go back to work each morning. Ultimately, no one is forcing you to be there, it is your choice, so why are you making the decision to keep going back? Because, it is your career, and focusing on your why you love your job can help you get through difficult times, and it can also help you focus that negative energy into positive changes in your attitude and life. So get out there and make it happen!

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Careers are tough, awful and draining at times, but it doesn’t have to always be that way. If you only sit and think about all the things that are wrong with your career, then everything will indeed be wrong with it. If you want to advance your career and move up in the world it’s going to take dedication and finding ways to improve. Make sure that you remember these tips every time negativity gets you down. Give them a try and see if they make a difference, and make sure to leave me a comment letting me know how things worked out for you, and please, try not to punch the boss -that one never goes over well!

Do you have any other suggestions on how to get rid of negativity? Leave a comment below and pass on your knowledge to others just like you.