5 Hottest Jobs for Millennials in 2016

The word millennial has become the catch-all phrase for young people born from the 80s to the 90s, and arguably the generation that was hit the hardest when it came to job opportunities during and after the Great Recession. Just last year, the unemployment rate amongst young people (18-34) was 40% higher than the national average. Well, finally the Millennial generation is seeing some light at the end of their unemployment tunnel as the economy and the job market are finally recovering.

The following jobs are some of the hottest jobs for Millennials in 2016, according to study conducted by the Young Invincibles.

1. Physician’s Assistant

physical assistant

In recent years we have seen a significant vacuum created within the healthcare industry. Not necessary for physicians but for professions with more of a support role. Nurses (in home or within healthcare centers), surgical technicians and of course the top best job for Millennials, Physician’s Assistants seem to be constantly hiring in recent years. Not only is this a lucrative career, with a high median income but it also will see growth in the area of 38% by 2022.

2. Actuary

I said “Hottest Jobs” not “Sexiest” or “Most Exciting”. To prove this, I present you arguably the most boring job in the world: Actuary. An Actuary is an individual which gathers and analyses data to figure out insurance risks and premiums. If it’s any consolation, its salary is as high as it’s boring, with 93.000 dollars a year, and has a projected growth rate of 26% by 2022. But still it’s really, really boring.

3. Market Research Analysts

Are you math person? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, there are a lot of freaks out there just like you and actually unlike being a Furry (don’t click on that link if you’re easily offended) it pays surprising well. How well you ask? To the tune of around $60.000 thousand dollars a year with an extremely healthy growth rate. All you have to do is spend hours at a time following market trends, gathering information and hanging out with insufferably douche-y finance type people.

4. Statisticians

Yeah, I know, our list is really, really math heavy, that’s not my fault but this is what the market wants for millennials. So, leave behind your fedoras, canvas and typewriters, the world wants numbers, percentages and data. Well, at least they’ll pay you well to sell your creative soul: $75.000 and a drinking habit.

5. Biomedical Engineers

Do you want to help develop medical technologies that will help amputees grow limbs, restore vision and maybe even make a super fertilizer? As technology is rapidly growing, several technology jobs are growing, too. So now, not only can you help change the world but you can also get paid well for it at $86.960 a year. So, all you need to do is grow bones and organs, and then drive home in a Porsche.

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Are there any other jobs you know that will have growth in 2016 and could be a fertile profession for Millennials? Let us know in the comment section below.