5 Ideas for Instagram Posts

Instagram is a social media platform that allows you to take pictures or videos and share them with millions of other people wherever you (and they) happen to be in the world. Businesses can take advantage of Instagram in the same way. After you’ve shared an image through Instagram, you can also share it over other social media platforms.

We don’t need to go into how important images are for engaging with people. What we are going to go into is five great ideas for Instagram posts.

#1 Products in Use

Your goal isn’t to bring in lots of followers to view a pretty picture. All your social media efforts must eventually lead to some sort of sale. The easiest way to do this is through images is to show off your products in use. Rather than trying to explain to people what they can do with your product, show them with an image. It tells a story and sends a potent message at the same time in a form that can be easily digested on the go.

#2 Behind-the-Scenes

Everyone is curious about what goes on behind-the-scenes of their favourite brands. They want to know about the super-secret design process and what things really look like away from the shop floor. Businesses have taken advantage of this by giving people an insight into a forbidden world.

The reason this appeals is because people feel as if they’re being let into a little secret world that nobody else is party to. They feel special and it makes them look at you in a more trustworthy light.

As an idea of what sort of content you can include, we have given you a few cool ideas below:

  • ‘Meet the Team’ features.
  •  A brand new product design.
  •  A look at the company offices.
  •  An insight into your production lines.

#3 Selfies

Selfies are a trend that has gone on for almost a year now. As of this writing, it shows no signs of changing anytime soon. Whilst this isn’t specific to businesses, selfies appeal to people because it’s a trend everyone appears to be following. Businesses that want to show they’re modern and up to date on the latest trends will naturally follow things like selfies, even if they have nothing to do with their line of business.

In short, take the odd selfie to break up the other types of photos you’re posting via Instagram.


Out of ideas and need to come up with something fast? 

This is where quotes come into the equation. It’s a quick fix that can get you out of a creative and artistic hole. Quotes can come from practically anywhere, and they don’t have to be specific to your industry; although they can be. Put a quote on a background and go to town. They take a matter of minutes to make in editing programmes like Photoshop and Gimp.

The reason why quotes are so potent is unclear, but they have some of the highest engagement rates on Instagram.

#5 Videos

Instagram allows users to film 15-second videos and share them through their network. Fifteen seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time to do anything, but lots of companies are taking up the challenge. For example, you could show off a quick 15-second recipe or share a quick insight into your company.

Videos are highly shareable and you can soon find them being spread around over Facebook and various other social media platforms. What you need to make sure of is that they’re of a high quality and not just something you threw together at random.

Even though you may think that Instagram is just for personal use, as long as you are posting the right sort of content it can be a valuable social media platform for your business.

Image - Viral Heat

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