5 Incredible Marketing Campaigns to Inspire your Business



Sometimes a business just needs a little push to be successful and grow the brand. This type of initiative can be fostered by examining the marketing campaigns of other companies.

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Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of social media and the need to produce viral content, marketers have come up with some amazing marketing campaigns that make you want to hug your mother, tell your sister you love her, shed some tears and give a homeless man $5. At the same time, you become aware of brand’s new product or greatness and associate this kind feeling with the business.

Inspiration provides brands with that eureka moment, and sometimes the right marketing endeavor can provide that extra spark. Whether it’s a YouTube video or a public service announcement (PSA), there’s plenty of content in the realm of media to encourage you to go ahead with a new product or service.

Here are five incredible marketing campaigns to inspire your business today:


1. Pay with Lovin'

McDonald’s generated quite the buzz earlier this year when it launched a marketing campaign that allowed customers to pay with love instead of dollars. The commercial to announce the new promotion was shown during the Super Bowl, and the reaction came with a mixed bag - cynics and jaded consumers would, of course, criticize it. But it was inspiring us to do something nice, loving and fun. 

2. Offering Cigarettes to Kids

2012 anti-smoking campaign was labeled one of the most effective ads in a long time. The ad shows two children going up to adults asking for a light so they can smoke their cigarettes. It resulted in the adults telling the kids smoking is bad for them and causes various health problems. Many people have commented that it helped inspire them to quit smoking.

3. Your Dog Would Miss You

Last fall, Budweiser released a heart-wrenching commercial that showed a man looking after a golden labrador from when it was a puppy to full-grown. The one-minute long ad then showed the man going out for beers with his friends. The dog didn’t seem him all night and was saddened, but then the man arrives home and tells him he got wasted and stayed at his friend’s house all night. The moral of the ad was to drink responsibly and always have a plan to get home. How could anyone resist an advert with a golden labrador in it?

4. It's Michael Jordan's Fault

Michael Jordan is probably the greatest basketball player in the history of the NBA. He is also a model spokesperson for anything inspirational. This ad features Jordan telling the audience that perhaps it’s his fault for thinking that basketball was easy, a God-given talent and simple rather than just imbibed with hard work. In the end, he argues that you’re using those reasons as excuses instead of putting in the effort and hard work to be the best. 

5. Are You Reaching Your Potential

Many of us have dead-end jobs and likely work in positions that we didn’t envision when we were 10 years old. This commercial from Monster shows a stork guiding a baby through fierce storms, a pack of wild animals and the hot desert. He then drops the baby off at a family. The stork checks back on the man 30 years later and sees him yawning at a desk pushing papers. The commercial asks: "are you reaching your potential?"  

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Whether you’re a personal brand or a small business, these types of marketing campaigns can inspire you to do more with your skills and knowledge. Instead of maintaining the status quo and being complacent in your life, perhaps you can do more than just collecting a paycheck and watching television all night. Whatever it is, be inspired, be creative and be happy.