5 Incredible Places You Aren’t Allowed to Visit

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The world is full of mind-blowing locations to visit, admire and be enamored with. Some can be reached comfortably through conventional means of transportation and others demand a somewhat more involved process. Then there are places that you aren’t even allowed to visit at all. Here are some increadibly beautiful places that you can’t visit.

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Vassari Corridor: Florence, Italy

Ok, so maybe you can visit it under special permission and appointment, but it’s not an easy task. As the name indicates it was designed by artist and architect Giorgio Vasari and connects the residence of then Archduke Francesco I de’ Medici (Pitti Palace) to the seat of the Florentine government at the time, the Ufizzi. It is a covered and elevated corridor or walkway that traverses the River Arno and the Ponte Vecchio Bridge offering many amazing views of Florence from a bird’s (or Archduke’s) eye view. The reason it was built was so the Archduke could travel between his residence and the seat of government without the danger of walking amongst the public. The corridor is also embellished densely with rare 17th-20th century art, including seldom seen self-portraits by Vasari, Bernini, Chagall and others.

Vatican Secret Archives: Italy

Although conspiracy theorists salivate over what could be stored in the archives, just the fact that it features 50 miles of shelving should be enough of a spectacle to quench even the most discerning eye’s thirst. Who knows they might even have the shroud of Turin stored there. Oh, wait they do.


How does a tropical island of the coast of Sao Paulo sound? What if I told that it’s also completely untouched? Sounds like the dream destination to switch off, tune out and relax right? Yeah, if you wanted to permanently switch off. ILHA DA QUEIMADA GRANDE is also known as Snake Island because there is a population of 4-5 snakes per square meter, which would normally be fine. The problem is that the four snakes that you will be greeted by are venomous golden lance pit vipers, which are the deadliest snakes in Brazil and have venom that make your skin melt. The Brazilian Navy strictly prohibits all visitors except research teams.  

Ise Grand Shrine: Japan

Built in 4 B.C.E. the Ise Shrine is considered one of the holiest places in Japan. Entrance to the shrine is restricted to all but priest, priestesses and nobility. It is also said to house one of the most sacred artifacts in Japan, a mirror named Yata no Kagami. Interestingly, they also demolish and rebuild the Shrine every 20 years to adhere to the Shinto belief of the cycle of life and death.

Club 33: Anaheim, California

No, this is not some seedy speak-easy with flapper girls because it’s not the 1920s. Club 33 is an exclusive club in the heart of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The club was originally conceived by Walt Disney to entertain dignitaries that visited the park. Today it will cost you a $25.000 initiation fee, and a yearly $10.000 fee to be a member, by invitation only of course. It serves a five course French/New American tasting menu and serves alcohol, which would be scoff-worthy if you didn’t know that it’s the only place that serves it anywhere in the park.  Members include Tom Hanks, Christina Aguilera and Elton John.

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Are there any other place that you know of that would be great to visit, but are prohibited? Let me know in the comment section below.