5 Ingenious Videos Used to Sell Houses

Video is taking content marketing by storm, and it is predicted that by 2017, video will make up 69% of consumer internet traffic. But the increasing power of videos has also been taken advantage of by the property industry. As such it is not improbable at all that in the future, selling houses might be less dependent on estate agents but more about video creators.

The Property Industry Goes Digital

Watch this video, to get a glimpse of a few creative methods used by property firms to sell properties all over the world. I guarantee you, this has nothing to do with the traditional video tours that have been around for ages. From employing naked men to reveal the warmness of a home, to using drones to showcase the awe-inspiring beauty of a country estate, the success stories of these videos are legendary.

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Take a look at these witty case studies, and you will understand why such creative videos will play a decisive role in marketing properties in the future.

Content marketing is just a modern form of advertising, so it is only natural that the property industry jumps onboard and the more inventive the better. Other industries can only benefit from any innovations.

Do you think that the property industry will go digital? Do you think this will be a good or a bad thing? Your thoughts and comments below please...






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