5 Insufferably Bad Work Habits and How to Treat Them

We spent so much of our time at work that it’s no wonder that eventually our dark side comes up at work. And we all have a dark side. When it comes to work it presents itself in all kinds of types of forms, whether it’s procrastinating or lying we all have insufferably bad work habits that are in desperate need of treatment in order to help us advance in our careers.

1. Procrastination

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Otherwise known as let me watch this cloud as it slowly yet steadily morphs into a dinosaur. Procrastination is the number one productivity killer at work and if we are being honest we all suffer from it. The only difference is that for some of us procrastination is a constant day in day out, while for others it presents itself on some days of the week or month.

To treat it start working on the tasks you like doing most; this will put you in a good mood and when it’s time to do tasks that you loathe simply break them up so that you get regular breaks between them. Rewarding yourself can also help keep you stay focused so, consider stashing chocolates in your drawer.

2. Lying

One of the most dangerous work habits to have, lying, can bring you down in a matter of seconds so, if you suffer from this bad work habit it’s important to find ways to deal with it. To treat it, find the reasons why you are lying. Are you lying because your work makes you feel bored and you’d rather lie than actually do what you are supposed to do? Are you lying because you’re busy and you don’t have the time to do your diligence with everything? Whatever the case is make sure that you deal with it; whether it’s quitting your job or talking to your boss about lessening your job responsibilities, you should definitely do it.

3. Negativity

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I sometimes wonder why we are not all gloomy at work seeing how we spent the better part of our days in an office but the reality is that in order to find happiness in life you must make do with what you have. This includes being happy at work and if you are the sort of person who likes to dwell in their negativity you must remedy the situation immediately. A positive attitude at work can help you perform better and it can also help you have great results in your career. Rediscover what you love about your work, find a work bestie and start enjoying life at work more.

4. Inefficiency

If you are in a job you dislike you probably don’t have the energy to ensure that your results are perfect. You’d rather hand in something that’s lacking than actually take the time to review it over and over again. Although, it can be difficult to put time and effort into a work you don’t like, it really is unfair to be paid for work that is below your boss’s standards. Consider whether it’s time to find a new job, or if you can find your passion for work again.

5. Social Media Addiction

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We are all addicted to social media but if you’re bringing this addiction to work beware that it could cost you your job. Many companies now monitor their employees’ social media usage and employees who are found spending the better part of their day on social media can get the boot. To remedy the situation control your addiction. Allow yourself to go on social media as part of your reward system for doing your work and only do it during the allocated times for no more than five minutes per time.

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Carrying bad habits at work can be disastrous for your career so make sure that you take the time to review the way you act at work and if you find any bad work habits make sure to remedy them.

Do you have any bad work habits? How do you deal with them? Share your stories in the comment section below.




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