5 Interesting Jobs For People Who Love Celebrities

If you are like me, stardom isn’t exactly in the cards for me because I do not have a hit single hidden away and I’m not getting ready to star in the next blockbuster. But don’t despair; you can still be a part of any celebrity’s life. It takes a big staff to keep a celebrity’s life running so this means that you too can be a part of the action. These five jobs could be just what you need if you love celebrities.

1. Nanny

A lot of celebrities nowadays are starting their own families. Some are adopting babies while others are giving birth to them. We all know it’s not easy taking care of a baby without help which is why nannies are in high demand.

Who knows, you could be the nanny to the next North West or Blue Ivy Carter. The tasks you are assigned depend on the celebrity’s family; you could be playing with the children, doing their laundry or preparing their meals.

The Sandra Taylor Agency, for example, has made a successful career out of caring for celebrity children. Nannies and housekeepers who find jobs using the agency earn anything from $400 to $1000 a week depending on their qualifications.

2. Party Planner

Celebrities like to throw parties and usually prefer to hire party planners who have the ability to make sure every detail is handled smashingly. If you have a passion for throwing the biggest parties, whether it’s baby showers, bachelor parties or some other event, then this would be the perfect job for you.

An example of a famous party planner is Mindy Weiss. She has been in the business for more than twenty years and has managed to make a name for herself by planning parties for celebrities like Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, Sting and Nicole Richie just to mention a few.

3. Publicist

Most celebrities have gotten into scandals that have either tainted their names or propelled their careers to new heights. Your work as a publicist will be to ensure that you promote the good and hide the bad. In addition, you will book public and media appearances and handle interview requests.

Kelly Bush founded ID, a public relations firm with offices in London, New York and Los Angeles, and has more than 400 clients including Robin Williams, Sean Penn, Stephen Colbert and Dustin Hoffman among others.

4. Make-up Artist

The beauty about being a regular person is that you can roll out of bed and head to the mall in your pajamas because chances are, your photograph won’t be plastered on the cover of every gossip magazine. Celebrities, unfortunately, don’t have this luxury; they always have to look their best.

This is where make-up artists come in. They ensure that the celebrity’s face looks flawless every time they step in front of a camera. Troy Jensen is an example of a professional make-up artist who has made a name for herself by styling celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek and Bjork.

5. Personal Chef

Most celebrities watch what they eat to avoid packing on pounds and maintaining a trim physique. Since celebrities are always on the go and rarely have time to prepare healthy meals, they would rather employ personal chefs who can do this for them. So your job would be to ensure you prepare healthy meals for them and you may also be asked to provide food for any parties or events the celebrity is bound to host.

Richard Florczak has been a personal chef to Hollywood’s elite for fifteen years. He spent nine years as Mel Gibson’s exclusive chef and recently became Jennifer Garner’s part-time chef.

There you have it, five interesting jobs you can do if you love celebrities. You can still get a taste of the spotlight without necessarily becoming a celebrity. Do you know of any other jobs you can do if you love celebrities? Share your thoughts by commenting below.


Image from wikimedia.