5 Jeff Bezos Quotes That Show Why Amazon’s Boss is a Total Genius

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, the largest online retailer, is a billionaire who's had an astonishing life and career. He is an excellent technology entrepreneur who played a vital role in the growth of e-commerce. Amazon flourished with yearly sales that jumped from $510,000 in 1995 to over $17 billion in 2011.

Earlier this year, Bezos bought the Washington Post and all its affiliated publications for $250 million. founder achieved so much success by being incredibly smart and business savvy, and so I collected some quotes that show his genius.

So, follow the slides to grasp an overview of the genius things that Bezos has said over the past years.

1. On motivation

"I strongly believe that missionaries make better products. They care more. For a missionary, it’s not just about the business. There has to be a business, and the business has to make sense, but that’s not why you do it. You do it because you have something meaningful that motivates you."

2. On growth

"All businesses need to be young forever. If your customer base ages with you, you’re Woolworth’s."

3. On strategy

jeff bezos
fast company

"We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient."

4. On pivoting

"If you’re not stubborn, you’ll give up on experiments too soon. And if you’re not flexible, you’ll pound your head against the wall and you won’t see a different solution to a problem you’re trying to solve."

5. On innovation

"I think frugality drives innovation, just like other constraints do. One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out."

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