5 Jobs For Movie Buffs And TV Junkies

5 Jobs For Movie Buffs And TV Junkies

Movie buff – when someone is addicted to movies and actively goes to the cinema on a regular basis.

TV junkie - A person who is utterly addicted to all forms of television. urbandictionary.com


If you’re one of the personalities described above, you might take a look on this set of jobs to have a preview of what type of careers you might discover in the movie and television industry.

Movie Critic

Movie critics watch movies to write reviews base on their opinions. Their aim is to guide moviegoers to decide a film to watch by writing insightful and interesting assessments. They evaluate the quality of a film’s story, performance, setting and how it’s been directed.

A movie critic presents verdicts and reports on newspapers, magazines, books, television channels and websites. He communicates with editors and adheres to deadlines.

A highly respected critic may have an opportunity to interview actors and attend events such as premieres, awards nights and film festivals.

Media Transcriber

If you have the acuity in hearing and likewise a fast typist, you might consider this job.

Media transcribers transcribe audio content of television series, reality shows, news programs, documentaries, game shows, talk shows, podcasts and audio interviews. They produce written records of narrations and conversations including time codes and descriptions of on-screen actions from media files.

No formal training is required to become a media transcriber but a one-year certification program from a transcription school is acknowledged.

Close Captionist

Close captions or sometimes called subtitles are inserted to feature films and television programs to let the deaf and hearing-impaired understand dialogues they’re watching. Unlike open captions which appear constantly on the screen, close captions are not visible except viewer activates the button on the selection. Almost all TV shows and DVD’s incorporate close captions.

The task of a close captionist is to convey precise captions for movies and TV programs. Compensation varies from organizations, skills, areas and benefits. Full-time experienced close captionists are paid from $50 to $75 per hour.


Do you want to be in charge of providing multimedia content for websites? Are you updated on world events, business, entertainment and sports? You may perhaps mull over this sort of expertise.

Basically, webcasting is online broadcasting. A webcast is a media streaming simulcast over the Internet for real-time viewers. Webcasters post media updates to reach global audience. The duty assimilates multimedia, internet skills and some techniques in programming. Webcasters work for radio, TV stations or an internet-based media group. You must have a flexible schedule, deliberation, resilience and patience for commercial-free programming to comply for this profession.

DVD Author

This craft regards the significance in film and broadcast media as much as having creativity and paying attention to details.

DVD authors generate DVD and Blu-ray disc versions of movies and episodics. Their main responsibility is to design interactive options for users (graphics for menus, buttons, destinations and chapter list of discs). They collaborate with creative/art directors and graphic designers to innovate ideas on formulating the concept in designing and execution.

Most positions in the television and film involve hard work and dedication before you achieve your goals. But no matter how tough it is, you can always bravely chase your dreams if you will believe in your abilities. Don’t quit until you are the dream you’d always dream you’d be.