5 Jobs for Music Lovers

You know you are a true music lover if you don’t limit yourself to certain types of music, simply because of your race or social background. To you, any good music is food for the soul. Your life literally revolves around music. At home, radio conquers TV; in the car, the radio is always turned on; and at work, earphones rarely leave your ears. Did you know there are jobs that could suit your lifestyle as a serial music listener? Read on to find out.

1. Music Supervisor

If used correctly, music can be a powerful tool in film and TV production; ever watched a movie scene that was made epic by a fitting song choice? Well, the person who selects music for movies, commercials and TV programs is known as a music supervisor. In this profession, you will typically read a script and use your knowledge of songs to select the perfect one.  Besides your passion for music, you may need an associate degree in music studies to get hired. You will find jobs in film production companies, advertising agencies or TV stations.

Salary: $25,000 - $56,000

2. Music Editor

listening to music

Once the music supervisor selects the perfect song for a scene, he or she hands over the rest of the work to a music editor, whose task is to fuse the song and its soundtrack to the scene. This job may sound very technical, but it is the editor’s love for music that gets the job done. For example, he must know how to alter the tempo of a song to make it more entertaining to an audience. A degree in sound production coupled with a love for music can make you very attractive to employers, who include film and TV production companies.

Salary: $42,000

3. DJ


It is hardly possible for a person who doesn’t love music to pursue a successful career as a DJ. A club, or any other social joint where music is played, is essentially a gathering of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. To thoroughly please and entertain these people, your music collection must encompass wide spectrum of rhythms, styles and messages. Love for music aside, you will have to pursue a DJ training course where you can learn the ones and twos of turntables. You can find gigs in nightclubs, radio and TV stations.

Salary: $30,000

4. Music Analyst

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The emergence of Internet radio stations as the preferred destination for radio listeners has created professions such as music analysis. Unlike terrestrial radio stations, online radios largely play music with a few commercial breaks in between. It is the job of music analysts to ensure that online radios are giving their listeners just the right kind of music. They listen to several songs, categorize them, determine the ones that should be added to the station’s database and even recommend when in the day they should be played. Taking courses in music analysis can enhance your suitability for this job.

Salary: $43,000

5. Entertainment Lawyer/Attorney


When law and music meet, entertainment law is the inevitable outcome. Entertainment lawyers provide legal services to musicians, record labels, artists’ managers and other professionals and businesses in the entertainment industry. Although law school will undoubtedly equip you with the legal skills to competently argue out cases in courts, it is the love for music that will enable you to defend your clients with vigor and ensure their musical works are not abused.

Salary: $70,000 - $150,000

Of course, there are other excellent career options for music lovers, such as songwriter and musician. Such jobs will not only require a passion for music, but also considerable talent and professional training.

So if music profoundly influences your life, go on and chase any of these careers!

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