5 Jobs for People Who Love Kids

People who love kids definitely spend the vast majority of their time with them. Whether it’s a newly-born baby, preschoolers or kids who are at the brink of teenagehood, there’s just something fulfilling working with or around children. You not only get the opportunity to model or shape them into responsible people, but also monetize your passion!

1. Labor and Delivery Nurse

Well, the title of this job speaks for itself. As a labor and delivery nurse, your job is to help bring life into this world. Although a typical workday could begin with welcoming women who are heavily pregnant into the delivery room, it ends with holding little bundles of joy in your hands, even before their mothers do! Now, besides your love for newborns, you will also need to complete training as a nurse and pursue a professional certification in labor and delivery to qualify for employment. According to PayScale, these nurses earn between $43, 242 and $83,923 a year.

2. Toy Salesman

You will find them in supermarkets, baby shops and even in the streets. Toy salespeople combine their selling skills and ability to charm kids to sell all kinds of kids’ toys from cars to stuffed animals, dolls to rockets, and guitars to puzzles. Although you don’t need any formal training to land this job, having some sales experience can make you attractive to employers. Indeed reports that toy salesmen earn, on average, $61,000 a year.

3. Santa Claus

Santa Claus – aka Father Christmas, aka Saint Nicholas, aka Grandfather Frost– is hired by religious organizations and many types of business that provide Christmas-themed services. His task is to deliver presents to all the good children of the world on Christmas Eve. He must work like a detective, as the job involves delivering the gifts when the kids are asleep, often through weird openings like the chimney! Although this gig lasts two days at most with an hourly wage of about $100, it’s a fun way to rake in a few bucks to kickstart the year just around the corner.

4. Storyteller

Once upon a time, millions and millions of years ago, during the reign of King Herod - the ruler of Israel – a son was conceived and born of a virgin, Mary… If you can continue this story, and tell it in a manner so captivating that your audience – most likely Sunday school kids – sinks into the depths of your narration, boy, you could be a professional storyteller! Employment opportunities are available in kids’ fun centers and nursery schools. Indeed says professional storytellers make $61,000 a year.

5. Amusement Park Attendant

Amusement parks or funfairs are popular family attractions. Parents bring their kids to enjoy the rides, interact (or network!) with other kids and have fun. As an amusement attendant, your brief is to operate the rides and ensure the safety of the rides. Your communication skills will come in handy, as you will need to explain riding instruction to kids in a simple, understandable language. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that amusement and recreational attendants earn about $20,590 annually.

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Finally, these are just some of the careers that can suit people with an undivided love for kids. Do you know of any other professions that did not make it to this list? Leave your comment below!

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