5 Jobs for Those with a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate

Whether you want to rent an apartment in downtown Manhattan or buy a high-end, multi-million dollar home in Silicon Valley, you will certainly deal with one or two real estate professionals. Well, a bachelor’s degree in real estate enhances students’ knowledge of the business of selling, buying, renting or leasing land and the buildings on it. Graduates are, therefore, in a good position to provide professional help to prospective sellers and buyers of real estate property.

Before listing the jobs that are available to real estate professionals, here are some of the colleges offering this credential:

Here are five jobs to consider upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in real estate.

1. Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers work in mortgage brokerages, where they connect potential real estate buyers with financial institutions that offer mortgage loans. If you want to buy a home, for instance, the broker’s job is to find banks issuing mortgage loans, analyze their interest rates, and select the one with most cost-effective offer. These brokers can also work on behalf of the lenders, finding customers to take up their mortgage loans. According to PayScale, mortgage brokers earn an average annual salary of $67,000. Depending on the laws of your state, you may also need a broker license to practice.

2. Property Appraiser

Before buying a home, you must determine its present value. Property appraisers conduct a thorough analysis to estimate the cost of the property. Although many appraisers work in real estate agencies, others work in insurance companies as well as government agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service, where they calculate property tax. Property appraisers often specialize in a specific field, such as residential or commercial real estate. The median annual pay for these professionals is $60,099, PayScale reports.

3. Title Officer

When buying a home, you definitely want to ensure that the property has a clean record. And this is how title officers come into the picture. They work like undercover agents, only that their primary focus is to determine the ownership history of a property. They strive to gather all the documents associated with the property in question, ranging from ownership records to building inspection reports. Ultimately, these officers determine whether the property has a good history or not, and advise clients accordingly. Title officers are usually hired by title insurance companies and real estate agencies. According to PayScale, they earn an average salary of $52,809.

4. Real Estate Investment Analyst

As a real estate investment analyst, your job is to conduct market research and advise property developers on the current investment trends in the industry. If residential properties are in demand, you must go a mile further, and determine areas where investors can fetch good profits from their investments. The employers of real estate investment analysts include investment companies as well as individual property developers. Job site Indeed reports that investment analysts earn an average annual salary of $102,000.

5. Property Manager

Working at property management firms, property managers oversee several aspects of keeping residential and commercial properties profitable. They manage the collection of rent, resolve tenant issues, pay providers of electricity, water, internet and other utility services, and oversee the maintenance and repair of the buildings. Besides a real estate degree, you may need some relevant experience to get this job. The median salary for property managers is $86,825, according to

Finally, the real estate industry is quite promising for aspiring real estate professionals. According to Bloomberg, millennials (who make about 87 million of all Americans) are not only interested in renting cool apartments, but also owning their own homes! This means more professionals will be needed to provide real estate services. So, if you want to be part of this growing industry, then you should pursue a bachelor’s degree in real estate.

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