5 Jobs for Those with a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications


Professionals who work in the telecommunications industry ensure people in various parts of the world stay connected via telephone, radio, television and other communication technologies. If you wish to get your foot in this industry, then you should set your sights on obtaining a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications. The program will equip you with the knowledge of networks, telecom policies and regulations, sales and marketing, systems and optical signals, as well as the technical expertise you need to operate telecommunications infrastructure or products.

Before we go into the jobs you can get with this degree, here are some of the institutions offering the program:

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1. Telecommunications Analyst

Telecommunication analysts evaluate the performance of the telecommunication systems of an organization, which could be a government agency, educational institution or a business. They also identify and address problems before they occur, and assess the operations of an organization and recommend system updates that can meet its growing voice and data needs. These analysts could also be tasked with finding ways the keep an organization’s telecommunications costs down. Indeed reports that these professionals can earn an average $71,000 per year.

2. Telecommunications Sales Consultant

Since a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications provides training in telecom sales and marketing, graduates have what it takes to become competent telecommunications sales consultants. In this job, your main task will be to increase the sales volume of telecommunications products and services. For example, you can be hired by a retail store of a telephone provider to advise customers on the various products and services offered. Other employers include manufacturers of telecommunications products and Internet service providers. According to Indeed, the median annual salary for telecommunications sales consultants is $41,000.

3. Telecommunications Equipment Installer (Technician)

Armed with the technical skills to work with a diverse range of telecommunications equipment, you can find employment as a telecommunications equipment installer in telecommunication and media companies. You will set up equipment routers, dialers and other devices or equipment that transmit communication signals and data. The job also involves troubleshooting these devices when they are not working properly. According to PayScale, you can expect to earn between $26,510 and $69,803 per year in this job.

4. Telecommunication Designer

If you have a knack for design, then this is a career you will no doubt enjoy. These designers work with telecom engineers to design and build telecommunication infrastructure, including networks and distribution systems. In order to build functional products, they often assess the needs of users and performance inefficiencies of existing systems. Telecom manufacturers are the main employers, and Indeed reports you can expect to earn around $48,000 per year.

5. Telecommunications Manager

Telecommunications managers oversee the use of an organization’s telecommunication systems and infrastructure. They strive to ensure the company adheres to Internet laws, privacy policies and other telecommunications regulations, as well as supervise the work of junior telecommunication professionals, and maintain business relationships with the sellers or providers of telecommunication equipment. The major employers of telecommunications managers include TV and radio stations, Internet service providers and mobile telephone operators. According to Indeed, the median annual salary for telecommunications managers is $92,000. However, don’t expect to walk into this job right after graduating. Some experience working in any of the jobs described above may be required!

Finally, telecommunication affects everyone. Businesses are using it to reach more customers, educational instructions are using it to effectively deliver instruction to learners, and you are using it to read this article! Earning a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications opens your doors to the world of numerous job opportunities. Go for it!




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