5 Jobs for Those with an Associate Degree in Cosmetology in the US

5 Jobs for Those with an Associate Degree in Cosmetology in the US maville.com

Without the beauty industry, there is every indication things could go horribly wrong in the TV, film and fashion industries. Cosmetologists are the professionals who use beauty treatment techniques to help enhance the physical appearance of actors, news presenters and other people. Pursuing an associate degree in cosmetology will not only equip you with artistic and manipulative skills, but also prepare you for a variety of jobs in the beauty industry and beyond.

Here is a brief list of schools offering an associate degree in cosmetology:

  • Stanley Community College, North Carolina
  • Guilford Technical Community College, North Carolina
  • Santa Monica College, California

As a cosmetology graduate, you can become a:

1. Skincare Technician

Many cosmetology programs provide training in skincare, meaning graduates are well-positioned to become skincare specialists. In this profession, you will cleanse and beautify clients’ skin by giving head and neck massages, facials and full body treatments. You will also remove skin hairs by waxing or by applying laser treatments. The employers of skincare technicians include salons and spas. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, skincare specialists earn about $32,990 a year.

2. Makeup Artist

This career allows you to combine your professional knowledge and artistic skills. Your job is to apply makeup on a client’s face and style his or her hair. You may even be tasked to completely change a person’s look through makeup. To thrive in this career, you must stay abreast of makeup trends. Although many makeup artists are hired by saloons, you could also find employment in TV stations and film production companies. PayScale reports that makeup artists earn between $21,262 and $89,530 annually.

3. Beauty Writer

If this job title caught you by surprise, you are not alone! It is almost unthinkable that a person would go through a beauty college with the intention of moving into journalism. Nevertheless, publishers of beauty magazines need people with an academic background in cosmetology to work as beauty writers. In this job, you will craft informative articles on various beauty topics. You may also give cosmetic advice to the magazine’s readers. According to Indeed, beauty writers earn an average annual salary of $53,000.

4. Cosmetic Sales Representative

If you are persistent and persuasive, you can make a good cosmetic sales representative. You will work for companies that manufacture and sell cosmetic products, and your primary task will be to find new customers for these products. The job involves frequent travelling since you must visit retailers and attend industry events to introduce your employer’s products to potential customers. Although Indeed says you should expect to earn about $30,000 a year, you can earn much more if you bring in more customers.

5. Salon/Spa Manager

With an associate degree in cosmetology and vast experience working in hairdressing or any other relevant position, you can qualify for employment as a salon or spa manager. Since you will be responsible for the facility’s financial performance, you must find effective ways to attract more customers. Other duties include supervising personnel, maintaining contact with cosmetic suppliers, and reporting to the facility’s owner.

Given that the BLS says many of the jobs in this industry will grow by at least 13 percent from 2012 through 2022, it is safe to say the beauty industry promises a good number of jobs.

So, if you want to be part of this industry, then you can earn an associate degree in cosmetology.