5 Jobs That Let You Live in Your Own Paradise

This article has no theological connotations; it has nothing to do with the after-life or the availability of post mortem job market. This is about jobs in locations that are tangible, beautiful, practically perfect places around the globe. If you want the metaphysical version of this article well, tough luck, I have no idea how to even approach it that way.  

1. Best Job In The World

ben southall
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Touted as the best job in the world, Ben Southall was chosen from 35.000 applicants to be the caretaker of Hamilton Island that is on the Great Barrier Reef. Oh and he did that for six months, while Queensland Tourism put him up in a multi-million dollar villa, paid him a fat stack of cash (around $75.000 US) and also gave him accessibility to all sorts of tropical island toys including jet-skis, sail boats and dive equipment.

2. Underwater Wildlife Photographer

underwater photo

Okay, so this second item might be a bit impartial as I wanted to be Jacque Cousteau when I was a child and have been enamored with the world of underwater wildlife photography ever since. But think about it for a second, if you choose this as your career you will be privy to a world few humans will ever experience. You will see strange and alien creatures, travel to exotic places and actually do some good by spreading awareness of the beauty of marine-life. In this video interview with Darren Jew he talks about his passion for underwater photography and it truly proves that he works in paradise- a very different ethereal paradise, where you float. I guess you could even combine a love of fashion with it, too.

3. Castle Caretaker

No, literally this is a job wanted ad for care taker of a castle in France, a neo-renaissance castle in freakin’ France! Okay it doesn’t really pay, but you get 200 euro a month food budget and all you have to do is work five hours a day for five days a week. The castle even has internet access! The grounds surrounding the castle has a pool, woods, orchards and a lake with its own island. Yeah this seems like a pretty sweet set up.

4. Cruise Ship Crew


What would be better than working on a floating five star hotel with a bunch of loud, overeating rotund tourists? Oh and most cruise ships also hawk their crew like, well, hawks making sure they don’t damage the crew line’s reputation with debauchery such as sleeping with cruise-goers, inebriated acting out and rude/disrespectful behaviors. Of course, if you do engage in debauchery and it results in your untimely demise, then don’t worry most cruise ships usually have morgues, too.

5. Panda Cuddler

sleeping panda

Yeah, sorry I felt like I owed a slightly more positive one for the end and it pays pretty good. To be fair the job isn’t just for Panda cuddlers but for Panda Nannies and yes, I realize that it makes the job even more appealing as pandas are cute, but baby pandas will make your face melt from the “awww”.

Are there any other jobs that allow you to live in your own personal paradise? Let us know in the comment section below.