5 Jobs That You Didn't Know Existed

So, you’re stuck in the office, having yet another crappy day at work. You’re staring out the window, thinking, “There must be something else out there. A job that’s different and exciting. Something no one knows about so that there’s no competition”.

Look no further! Take a look at these five jobs you probably didn’t know existed!

1. Maggot Farmer

Okay. What?

Why? Why would you anyone in their right mind want to farm maggots?

Apparently, maggots are farmed with the purpose of becoming animal feed. It’s basically recycling in all its glory. Organic waste, uneaten food and expired foodstuff is sent to maggot farms to feed hatched fly eggs, or larvae which take about seven days to grow into fully grown adult maggots. The maggots are then sold to farms, fisheries, and what not, to be fed to the animals. And those animals – their waste – are sent back to the maggot farms. Suddenly, The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” has a whole new meaning.

2. Skull Cleaner


Is your mounted deer skull collecting dust? Fret not, there’s a solution!

Skulls Unlimited International is one of a few skull cleaning services, most of which are located in ‘Murica – obviously. The skull of a domestic cat costs $45 to have cleaned, whereas that of elephant costs nearly $700.

The owner of another skull cleaning service, Skullery, declares on his site’s homepage that he has “a PASSION for skulls!” Yeah, not freaky not all… Not freaky at all.

3. Professional Snuggler


While cuddling has long been lauded for its many physical, mental and emotional benefits – it decreases stress, improves social skills, and lessens depression – this has got to be one of the most out-there professions, ever.

Professional snugglers offer their services to paying clients that need a hug.

One such service, The Snuggle Buddies (sounds like the name of a gay porno, if you ask me), promises “to provide you with the most relaxing and enjoyable professional snuggling experience possible”. Prices range from $8 for a 30-minute outcall session to $400 for a 10-hour overnight session, and you can choose from a portfolio of male and female snugglers.

Meanwhile, I wonder why they have to keep stating no sexual services are offered throughout their website.

4. Deer Urine Farmer

This job has to be The deal breaker of first dates.

However, while Sarah has been climbing out the restroom window to escape deer urine farmer Jake, she’s failed to realize that she may have just walked out on a gold mine. Apparently, deer urine farmers can make a modest $93,440 per year – and even up to a staggering $303,680 per year, according to Deerfarmer.org Who needs to marry into royalty when you can marry a deer urine farmer?

But why does this job even exist? Deer urine farmers collect and sell Bambi’s pee to deer hunters. That’s right: people buy Bambi’s pee, marketed as a deer hunting scent, to shoot him. They simply spray the “deer hunting scent” in the air, wait for the urine to attract a poor, unsuspecting deer, and – WHAM – succulent braised venison.

5. Professional Cat Catcher


Wait, what? Now you tell me there’s someone out there I could pay to catch my four cats and put them in the pet carrier, ready to go to the vet? Now you tell me, now that I’ve been scratched, bitten and practically mauled by my little fluffypoos-cum-devils?

Granted, it comes at a fee of $80 per cat, but still. Money (very) well spent, you know?

Jordana Serebrenik, a former lawyer (yes, lawyer), is known as New York City’s (and probably the world’s) only professional cat catcher. After deciding to quit her job, she traveled to Africa and, upon returning, starting volunteering for City Critters, a cat rescue and adoption organization. Soon after that, she started Catch Your Cat, Etc., a service she offers to safely catch and coax your little feline friend into a carrier for her appointment at the V-E-T. Serebrenik’s Facebook hasn’t been updated since June 2012, however, so I’m starting to think she may have been (touch wood) mauled by one of her client’s monsters – err… kitties. I meant kitties.

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Are these the weirdest jobs you’ve ever heard of or would you like to add something to the list? Perhaps you’re employed in one of these little-known professions and would like to share your experiences with us? Let us know in the comments section below...