5 Jobs Which Involve Creative Writing

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a writer? Well, you don't have to be a novelist to be a creative writer anymore! Check out some career options here!

Gone are the days when novelists and journalists were the only creative writers around. Various creative writing careers have emerged, requiring people to be proficient in more than one field at a time. Creative writing serves as the pillar of many industries such as the entertainment and marketing sectors. For some people, what started as a hobby has become a full-time job. With the decline of jobs in print publications, more creative writers are needed in the ever-growing online publications. Creative writing offers flexibility; you can work from anywhere, at any time and for anyone in the world, thanks to the Internet. Here are some of the best jobs that involve creative writing.

1. Copywriting

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Do you remember those catchy phrases from television adverts that have remained glued to your memory over the years? They didn't just fall from the sky; copywriters spent hours, or even days crafting them. Most businesses require the services of a skilled copywriter to craft compelling taglines, slogans, jingles, direct mail, fliers etc. to improve their marketing efforts and make more sales.

Copywriters can work with agencies or may decide to go into freelancing. Good copy must catch the attention of the readers and spur them to take an action, either to purchase products and services or to give out information. There are a lot of online and offline programs to choose from if you want to improve your copywriting skills. It is one of the highest paying careers in marketing and demand is only increasing.

2. Speech Writing

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Politicians, government officials, and tops executives sometimes hire speechwriters to help them write their speeches. They can also write speeches for social events like birthdays, weddings and funerals. Not everyone can write great speeches, but, speech writers are talented at putting your exact thoughts on paper in an engaging way. They are behind the scenes writers and other people often take credit for their work officially, but they are well compensated financially. Speechwriters must have a vast reservoir of knowledge, the ability to use their imagination, be able to convey the necessary points to the audience in a way that they will understand and connect emotionally with them.

3. Proofreaders

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Before an article is published, a proofreader is required to detect and correct typographical, punctuation and grammatical errors. Their job includes checking fonts, margins, spacing, ensuring that page numbers are sequential and that the pictures and captions correlate so that the material is flawless. A strong command of the English language and good communication skills are required.

An efficient proofreader must have a creative personality, or many errors will be overlooked. Publishers, editorial boards, authors and individuals who need help proofreading their essays find their services indispensable. Once a piece is free of errors, their job is done.

4. Blogging

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It's really easy to start a blog on virtually any topic due to the availability of free blogging platforms. From sharing personal opinions to educating the masses, blogs are here to stay. Have you ever wondered why some blogs stand out from the crowd? It's really simple; the popular ones have done their homework and are aware of the importance of creative writing.

With their thought-provoking, inspiring and well-crafted posts, many bloggers have millions of fans all over the world and more money in their account. As well as having a social media presence, both small and big business owners are now investing in blogging to help foster better customer relationships, have more customers, introduce new products, create brand awareness and increase sales.

5. Writing Coach

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For those who need assistance improving their creative writing skills, working with a professional writing coach has immense benefits. Writing coaches are entrusted with the sacred duty of teaching others the art of creative writing. These coaches are usually professionals with many years of writing experience. They can be tutors in colleges; others offer free or paid online courses, articles and ebooks to help writers polish their skills.

It's easy for them to identify with their student struggles, while helping them to overcome creative blocks and write confidently. People who benefit from their coaching become better writers and can also pass their knowledge on to others.

The possibilities for creative writing are endless. But if you want to become a better writer, you have to do it often even if you have decided to take a creative writing course. Do you want to add more careers to the list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below...

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