5 Key Health Issues in the Workplace

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1. Ergonomic injury that leads to chronic pain
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Ergonomic injuries occur when an employee lifts something that is too heavy, repeats a motion for an extended period of time, or sits stationary for too long. These injuries can often lead to chronic conditions like back pain and pain caused by poor posture or strains. Employers can avoid injuries like these by encouraging and demonstrating proper posture at a desk, providing breaks in which employees can move around or rest from heavy lifting, and demonstrating the proper way to lift heavy objects.

Some health issues are extremely common in most workplaces. Though some health concerns, such as explosions or exposure to toxic chemicals are limited to very specific occupations, there are five main health concerns that almost every professional is faced with. From communicable diseases to mental health, here are five common health concerns and how to prevent or avoid them.




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