5 Key Signs That You Should Invest in Life

There's a vast ocean of definitions out there that one wonders what to make of it all. While some use mathematical tactics to assess the quality index of life, others use ancient metaphysical dogmas, dissenting religious beliefs and grand philosophical tenets to have an ideal perspective of life. And so it is with this in mind that I'll cut to the chase and truncate life's infinite definitions into one single terminology - Existence. Thus we can rephrase the question by asking ourselves what symbols should we really watch out for to indicate that it's critical for us as individuals to make our existence better?

1) Drifting through life- Has your life become dangerously routine and predictable? Have you lost the will to explore the possibilities and navigate the course of your life by throwing caution to the tides of fate? Have you formed the habit of pointing an accusing finger at your current circumstances to shield yourself from making a major decision you should've made yesterday? Well my friend, maybe it's about time you sat down and asked yourself - When was the last time I made a really major decision to change a key aspect of my life and followed through with it?

2) Accustomed to failure- You're so used to disappointments that it's reached a point where failure has woven itself into every fibre of your ambitions and dreams. With volatile economies, an uncertain future and a rollercoaster of possibilities, it's quite convenient to lean on these excuses as a justifying mechanism for your impeccable track record of failures. Maybe it's about time you formed the habit of winning over and over again to the point where it becomes a normal thing. For starters, angry birds would be an ideal stepping stone. Sounds funny but in the end, it's your winning attitude that counts.

3) Living for the moment ONLY! - This is particularly true for the Y-generation. You are so focused on the now factor that you forget about the consequences eagerly waiting to escort your tomorrow in a precariously rigorous journey of life. You say it's now or never when in fact, you're not ready yet. Common case in point is when you indulge yourself in the pleasures of a carefree campus sex life that you end up fathering an illegitimate child on food stamps, a maxed out credit card, an addiction and an empty wallet.

4) Afraid to take risks - When was the last time you dared to boldly pursue something new like a business venture or a job promotion? Have you accepted boringness and mediocrity as comfort zones of your life? Have you been trapped by the pessimistic pond of stagnant ambitions that you've come to loathe people's progress in life. Well, how about you started something new like swimming or lending a helping hand in volunteer services to improve on your social skills. I'm not trying to be an encyclopedia of beneficial risks here but surely, there must be something itching within you to take that leap of faith right?

5) Living in the comfort zone- No, it's not that you're afraid to take risks. It's just that you find it inconvenient to your comfort. I mean, you've finally arrived after toiling and working hard right? So no more adventure so long as your kids are doing fine, you're paying your taxes in time and you're on the right side of the law. Ever heard of the saying that age is just a number? Well, I for one have seen careerists in their 30s who's lives are totally old and worked out. On the other hand, I've seen grannies that are much more fun to hang out with than some of my 20yr old 'cool friends'. If you get the picture, then you realize that - get this - it is essential for you to inconvenience yourself once in a while because you get to meet new people, have new experiences and share great ideas that might make you the next founder of that million dollar blue chip start - up. I mean, who would want to make friends with someone who's life only revolves around that 9-5 job? Boring...

So basically, when we talk of investing in life, we mean putting some time and effort into improving the quality of our lives so that everyday gets more meaningful and refreshing. Life is priceless ladies and gentlemen and everyone reading this is entitled to it. Question is, are you open-minded enough to perceive life investment beyond the world's material aspect? Think about it...